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March 22, 2014

Cristie Kerr


CRISTIE KERR:¬† I even had a 3‑putt.

Q.  Was that 14?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Yeah, I hit the first one, under‑read it a hair and hit it a little hard, and hit a second putt hit a great putt and it was under read again.¬† It was like, okay, don't do anything wrong and you walk off with a bogey, just the way it is.¬† But when you make a lot of birdies, I guess it doesn't matter.

Q.  And the eagle?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, I guess they made a donation for the Wounded Warrior project, $1,000, that's really cool.

Q.  What worked today that had not worked the last two days?
CRISTIE KERR:  Honestly I kind of changed up my putting routine a little bit.  I was struggling so much with reading the greens and then with that comes kind of the speed is a little off.
So I kind of got over it and felt a little bit more what it was going to do and that kind of gave me a sense of what it was going to do and even the speed before I started reading it, and I read them so much better today.¬† I don't even think‑‑ maybe my caddie, I had one putt he read with me and just really made things click.
I switched to PING irons this week.¬† I had been playing with PING wedges since the beginning of the year and everything is just so much more consistent.¬† Even the misses on the irons are just so much better.¬† I had a chip‑in today on a very difficult chip on 12 down the left slope, I chipped in.¬† I was close to chipping it in all week so ironic that it's on the most difficult one, that's me for you.
I felt great mentally, just stayed very steady today and it was good to keep the momentum going.

Q.  What did you do on 15, your approach?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† I hit driver in the right side of the fairway and hit 5‑wood to about 18 feet maybe, 20 feet.

Q.  And then 17, the last birdie, how close was that?
CRISTIE KERR:  Maybe 15 feet just short, right on the ridge, maybe a little closer.  If you want exact ones, you can get my caddie.

Q.  Yesterday the birdie on 8, as you finish your round, you needed that to make the cut?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Yeah and I 3‑putted on 6, I hit a great shot above the hole and just had a mind cramp and got really mad and I was like, especially when you're home, not missing this cut, because you know there are low rounds if the weather is good.¬† So you just have to hang in there and play the weekend.

Q.  Going out early, greens perfect?
CRISTIE KERR:  Yeah, everything was great.  A little bit windy but nothing major, pretty light wind.  I was due for a good round.  I had been hitting these irons so good, these new PING i 25s, and I'm glad that I had the courage to switch because I'm just so much more consistent now, like even the misses are better.

Q.  After the bogey, are you particularly fired up on the next hole?
CRISTIE KERR:  Honestly I really didn't feel like I did much wrong on 14.  It's just about as a little off as it could get.  I just kind of set, it's going to happen, just kind of move on and I played the last four holes great.  Even my tee shot on the last hole, it missed carrying the bunker by like half a foot.  Happy with where everything is at and happy with my new equipment.

Q.  Did the child make the round?
CRISTIE KERR:  He's just a little too young.  I'm afraid he's going to squeak or laugh when somebody is over a shot, and then what do you do.  And it's really sunny out here and you can't put sunscreen on them yet because they are too young.

Q.  How has that changed your approach to golf and how you practice?
CRISTIE KERR:  I do the same.  My husband helps out a ton.  We have some family friends helping us out this year and I'm sure we'll use the LPGA day care.  So I mean, he's such a blessing.  You know, yesterday, I came home and I was changing his diaper and I was like, mommy had a good day and he's squeaking and laughing at me and smiling and it makes it that much better.

Q.  Now you took him overseas, right?

Q.  But you went overseas and played how many tournaments?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Two.¬† I played two over there.¬† I had a horrible balance striking week with my irons, and I had been trying to switch clubs, and honestly I've been trying to switch to a set of PING irons for the last seven years.¬† I go to the test center and I just didn't find the right shaft.¬† I'm playing a Nippon shaft that's an in between flex SR‑‑ everything is falling into place, and I'm just really happy.¬† I was just like, I hit one club‑‑ well, I called Paul, the LPGA club repair technician, and I said:¬† I am just really struggling and it doesn't feel like all me, and I'm tired of it, I'm sick of it, like I can't do this anymore.¬† What's the shaft that you recommend?
And he said, try this Nippon shaft, and I hit it in a 7‑iron at PING‑‑ I had been to PING like five times this year.¬† Went to PING and tried it in the 7‑iron and I was like‑‑ this was Wednesday of last week and I said, please build them up for me like right now.
So then I started playing with them and it was like, it was just so nice to confirm that it wasn't 100 percent me; yeah, you're going to miss shots, you're going to hit some a little right or a little left, but as bad as I was hitting it, it was time to switch.

Q.  Did you think when you teed off you had a chance to be this close to the lead?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† Yeah, I knew if I could get a low round¬† ‑‑¬† they are probably going to shoot five or six today but they might not and I'll have a chance but I'll be out early enough tomorrow, that, hey, if you do this again¬† ‑‑¬† I'll try not to have expectations.¬† I literally just tried to play the shot in front of me today.

Q.¬† How difficult was the good‑bye, that first trip away?
CRISTIE KERR:¬† I kind of did a quick good‑bye because I didn't want to let it linger.¬† The first week was okay, focus on your week and then the second week I was away, it was just a hurricane of bad stuff.¬†

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