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March 21, 2014

Ed Ruth


(Penn State) (36-1)

THE MODERATOR:  Ed Ruth, Penn State University.

Q.  Can you take us through that match?  What's it like wrestling him?  Just seems like such a strong kid.  Not many opponents you wrestled in your career that have wrestled you that tough, twice in a row like that.  Can you just take us through that match?
ED RUTH:  Yeah.  The whole game plan was to see how many times I could take him down.  Obviously it's harder than it looks.  A lot harder.  He's a solid wrestler on the seat.  He keeps pushing the tech.  Even when he's tired, he's pushing it to me.  I'm not really used to that.  When somebody does it, it makes the match more exciting for both of us.

Q.  Ed, when he was able to beat you earlier in the year, after that, did you have any changes in how you approached your training or anything to do with your preparation?  Obviously you had gone a long time without a loss.  I was just curious about how you personally dealt with that challenge and now were able to turn it around here.
ED RUTH:  Obviously there's some weaknesses.  They exploited some things he made me tighten up about my defense.  From that time, from when I lost up to this point, it was more of a‑‑ I just kind of took a step back, kind of looked at my training.  Kind of reevaluated some things.
I wouldn't say I changed it up as much, except I kind of like backed off of myself, because I was just‑‑ I had a lot of things on my shoulders and at the same time, I was training way too hard.  He made me realize that you gotta take it easy sometimes.

Q.  If you would, tomorrow night, you'll make history being the first three‑timer.  Could you talk about that.  Also, David Taylor talked about this tournament being different.  This is his last one after everything he's gone through.  How about you?
ED RUTH:  Yeah, definitely it feels different.  Every match that I've wrestled here in Oklahoma City felt like‑‑ it's like one more chip that's off the block, and each one is leading to my final match.
It feels like it's more deserved.

Q.  Talk about making history.
ED RUTH:  It's a good thing to make history.  I try not to think about that too much.  Kind of history writes itself, as long as you keep doing what you're supposed to do.

Q.  Could you talk a little bit about what you think you'll get from Sheptock in the match tomorrow and the approach he'll take?
ED RUTH:  Same as I always get.  Every time I met up with Sheptock, it's always been a decision match.  He's a tough opponent.  He knows his way around the mat.  And I just expect to have a good couple bouts on my feet.

Q.  You mentioned how it's your third Final in a row.  What do you do all Saturday long while you're waiting for that match at night?  What's your routine?  What do you do to keep yourself occupied?
ED RUTH:  I brought my PS3, just sit around and play games.  Got some movies on there, just watch those.  Take a nap.

Q.  Any specific games?
ED RUTH:  I've got a couple downloaded from my PS3.  Tomb Raider, Bioshot, Assassin's Creed.  I play a lot of games.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Ed.

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