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March 21, 2014

Andrew Howe


(Oklahoma) (31-1)

THE MODERATOR:  Andrew Howe, University of Oklahoma.

Q.  Andrew, just talk about the match and just what's the attitude heading into tomorrow's final with rival Chris Perry.
ANDREW HOWE:  The match, got a couple takedowns in the first period and escaped and rode him a little bit in the third.  So that was about it.
Tomorrow, just, I'm looking forward to the match and get my offense going early, hopefully, and it will be good.

Q.  Looking forward to tomorrow, that loss two weeks ago, how much, I guess, has that motivated you over these last couple of weeks, and what can you think you can do differently going into tomorrow that you didn't do two weeks ago?
ANDREW HOWE:  It was definitely a little kick in the butt there.  Lit the fire a little bit the past couple of weeks.  But like I said, just get my offense going earlier instead of waiting for the third period and firing off a text and hopefully get to it a little earlier in the first.

Q.  It's been about three years since you been here in this position.  Talk about that path.
ANDREW HOWE:  It was an interesting one.  Olympic redshirted and then redshirted.  So‑‑

Q.  Did it leave you hungry?  Did it leave you‑‑ what?
ANDREW HOWE:  Definitely.  I've been thinking about it since Philadelphia in 2011.  So it's been on my mind.  And looking to finish up right tomorrow.

Q.  Andrew, you had the Olympic redshirt year, then you got hurt in the Finals of the Olympic Trials.  People weren't sure where you were going to go to school and what the situation was for you.  And you ended up at OU.  Talk about the experience of being a Sooner and finishing your career here and also what it might be to win a national title for them here in Oklahoma.
ANDREW HOWE:  Being in Norman, it's been great, a great experience all around.  Great coaches.  Mark Cody, he'sgreat to have in a room.  So is Jared Frayer and so is Mike Lightner, and trainer Chris Watson.  Dr.Hines, he worked on me.  So he got me healthy.  So I owe him a lot.  And I think it would be good to win that title for them tomorrow.

Q.  Gary talked about when you faced Burroughs back in the trials and that type of thing.  What did that injury do to you not just physically but mentally but why was it important to come back and wrestle in college?
ANDREW HOWE:  Just finishing it up right.  Like I've been saying, senior year has been it's been really special so far.  Been around a great group of guys in Norman and great support system there.
So I think that kept me going a little bit.

Q.  You talk about that match with Burroughs, that injury you sustained in the trials and stuff.
ANDREW HOWE:  Tore my ACL in the third period of the match.  And that was about it.  That's a wrap.

Q.  The only thing I wanted to follow up with that is the fact that Burroughs then went on to do something after that.  You know what I'm saying?  Did you ever feel cheated out or anything?
ANDREW HOWE:  I felt like I could have been the guy that year representing the U.S.  Trying not to think too much about it.  It is what it is.  It happened and just gotta move forward.

Q.  What does it mean to get this opportunity for the rubber match against Chris for the national championship here in Oklahoma City?
ANDREW HOWE:  You know, I guess just finishing up the series on top would be good.  Like you said, the rubber match, and then just winning it here in the home crowd.  I can definitely hear some people cheering out there.  I know there's a lot of Sooner fans out in the audience.  It's been nice.

Q.  Andrew, you've gained weight to a new weight class.  Talk about whether you like this weight class, whether you wrestle better.  Do you feel stronger?  Obviously you made the NCAA Finals again, but you're a little different size than you were when you were competing in a lighter weight.
ANDREW HOWE:  Yeah.  I just matured through college and it just made a lot of sense to move up.  It's a healthy, natural weight where I can make weight just by having a good diet and then putting some hard work in and it gets me down.  So made the season a little less taxing.  Less weight issues, I guess.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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