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March 21, 2014

Logan Stieber


(Ohio State) (32-1)

Q.  After the Big Ten, did you expect to have the No. 1 seed when you saw that you and Retherford were in the same bracket?  Did you think about that at all?
LOGAN STIEBER:  No.  I mean, I thought I had a chance to be No. 1, but Port had a undefeated season and he was ranked No. 1 in most of the polls.  I thought it was probably right.  I see how it is.  He ended up losing.
But I think he was probably right.  He was the No. 1 seed.  I wasn't surprised by it.

Q.  Anything different in this match than your previous times against Retherford?
LOGAN STIEBER:  I just kind of wrestled my match better.  I controlled the pace of the takedowns, rode him when I needed to ride him.  He got on a single leg, like he did the first match, and I fought it off.  So that was probably the big difference.

Q.  Was it good that you actually faced him in the Big Ten Tournament before you came here?
LOGAN STIEBER:  Probably.  But I knew I had a shot of wrestling him at one time or another.  So wrestled him in the Big Tens, I think it helped me in this match a little bit.

Q.  I assume you expected to be in the Finals again; you have that much confidence.  Would you have ever imagined wrestling Devin Carter?
LOGAN STIEBER:  At the beginning of the year, I thought it was a good chance.  And then with his hamstring, the thing about Devin is he's always been a really, really strong kid, even when I was in high school wrestling with him and my brother wrestled him.
So it surprised me, but it didn't surprise me.  He's a really tough kid, really strong kid.  To see him do that, it's amazing.  Doesn't really surprise me too much he's in the Finals.

Q.  Winning the NCAAs as a freshman put you in a position where people keep asking you, hey, you're going to get four, are you going to get three, that kind of thing.  Do you even think about that?  Obviously you were‑‑ last yeartook you halfway through getting to four and now you're in the Finals again.
LOGAN STIEBER:  No.  I worry about this year.  So this year if I win, it it's No. 3 for me.  If it's No. 1, it would still mean the same.  I'd still want to win it just as bad if it was No. 1 or No. 3.
I try to stay focused.  I'm not worried about winning three or four because I have to worry about the task at hand.

Q.  How much did you improve from last year to this year?  Obviously you don't take time off from wrestling.  You challenge yourself at the highest level in freestyle.  How much better do you feel you are as far as your ability to compete?
LOGAN STIEBER:  I think I'm becoming a more complete wrestler.  I definitely have things to work on, but I have the best coaches, best training partners at Ohio State.  I couldn't have asked for a better situation.
They're getting me better every day.  And people that we wrestle, I might wrestle in tournaments, like Reese and Angel and‑‑ and obviously not J anymore, but I wrestled J, and they help me every day.  Me and Reese are competing for a huge spot, and we were in there the other day working on single leg finishes and little tricks and stuff he does to help me out that I use in my matches.
So we have a great group of guys, fun guys.  They're all my best friends and training partners.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, Logan.

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