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March 21, 2014

Tyler Graff


(Wisconsin) (34-4)

THE MODERATOR:  Tyler Graff, University of Wisconsin.

Q.  No one needs to remind you of your past here at the NCAA.  What's different about this year that you're actually finishing on it appears even a higher note?
TYLER GRAFF:  Well, obviously, it being my senior year in college wrestling and just knowing that this will be more than likely my last collegiate match, or it is, really just my preparation, faith, my belief in Jesus Christ, and just putting it out there, letting myself go out there, wrestling to the best of my abilities.

Q.  Tyler, you got a lead at the beginning of the match and it seemed to really be the key point of the match was you getting out there and jumping to that lead.  Talk a little bit about how you got that done and how important that is in your wrestling to establish that?
TYLER GRAFF:  Really, just trusting in my training and trusting in what God's giving me and just going out.  And whatever is going to happen is going to happen.  So I know that same with tomorrow evening, whatever happens, I have my family.  I have my girlfriend.
I've got people who will love me no matter what happens.  And so no matter what, I got that cushion behind me.  I always know that I have that support.  But of course, as a competitor, I want to go out and win do the best I can, so that's what I'm going to try to do.

Q.  How bitter was the taste of that semifinal loss to Ramos last year?
TYLER GRAFF:  Oh, this match‑‑

Q.  I'm talking about last year, because you lost in the semifinals, how bitter was that?
TYLER GRAFF:  I mean, it hurt.  But I'm here now.

Q.  You had a couple of matches against Cologne earlier in the season.  What were focal points of the match plan for you coming in?
TYLER GRAFF:  Just wrestle.  Obviously, there can be strategy, but really just went out and wrestled and allowed myself to freely express what I am capable of.  I still believe I have yet to fully do that.  So I'm working.

Q.  In your mind, what were the differences this time versus the last couple against him?
TYLER GRAFF:  In awareness.  A couple of little tactical mistakes on my part from the matches before and just making those adjustments and just being persistent, really, just training and working hard every day and really just having faith and just keep going with it.  And this is the result tonight, and I could have went another way, but I'm just thankful to God that I got my hand raised.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you.

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