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March 21, 2014

Tony Ramos


(Iowa) (34-2)

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Tony.

Q.  Tony, you're not wasting anytime getting in here.  Most guys take a while.  Seems like you want to express yourself right now.
TONY RAMOS:  I just want to get out of here.

Q.  Tell us the key to the victory tonight.
TONY RAMOS:  Finding my sea legs, not let him get that Jermaine Jones he likes to do.  In my head, I was going over it, and I remembered that I could come up in a nice cow catcher out of there.
Got in the third period, he had what I was looking for.  So I knew I could get there and I could do it.  He was tough, too.

Q.  But, Tony, you've had a lot of confidence going into this tournament more than probably a lot of other wrestlers.  Did you have to actually speak a big game before you could actually do it?
TONY RAMOS:  No.  You stop and do your thing, just my personality, this is who I am.  This is what I love.  This is what I live for.

Q.  [Indiscernible]?
TONY RAMOS:  I wasn't too worried about it.  I knew I would get to him.  I saw him wearing and wearing and wearing.  And as soon as I locked up, my hands on that.  As soon as I felt it, he started screaming and I knew it was over.

Q.  Sorry if you touched on this already, but before this match you said you were looking for a little revenge.  What's it feel now that you have that?
TONY RAMOS:  It's awesome.  I can't get revenge again because Graff won, but it's someone I beat a couple times.  I'm ready for this final match.  I know he's probably been working on some stuff, but I'm real confident going into this.

Q.  Did you ever do a foot sweep before in college?
TONY RAMOS:  First time I hit it was on Michigan, and I seen it there.  You've got to create motion, create action.  That's what I had to do.  I forgot I came off of that, but that's what happened.

Q.  Can you talk about what presented itself [indiscernible]?
TONY RAMOS:  You know, when I asked that, I feel him, he's always trying to wizard down hard.  Puts his head to the mat.  You know I love that cow catcher.  You know I'm good at it, too, and when I seen it, I took it.

Q.  Do you expect a Big Ten Final, tomorrow night to be like the Big Ten Finals?
TONY RAMOS:  I expect to break it open.  Score some points.  Haven't scored a lot of points this tournament, but getting the job done.  Let's go score some points tomorrow night.  Saturday night.

Q.  What's that moment like when‑‑ it's like hardest points have been when you score in the tournament, have a break there, the last minute, what's that like when you put him on his back?
TONY RAMOS:  It's exciting.  He was stuck.  I thought he was flat.  But, oh, well I stayed on him, finished the period.  I was strong.  Finished on top with him on his back.  That's a dominating finish.

Q.  Has this year's event been any different than the others?  Obviously you're one match away from your goal.  But are you feeling like maybe because of your past experience or just the way things went for you this season that you've been able to even take it to a new level?
TONY RAMOS:  I don't know.  The only difference a year‑‑ oh, he's getting married, he's changed, this and that.  Nothing's changed.  I'm still the same wrestler.  I'm still the same person.  I hate when people use that as an excuse.  Not just speaking for me, but speaking for Burroughs, too.  They said his loss is because he got married, he got a wife.  That don't mean nothing.  It's about what you do, how you work, and how you go out there and compete every time.

Q.  Did you hear him slap the mat?
TONY RAMOS:  Yes, it was exciting.  I'm ready for Saturday night.  That's it.  I got one more match to go.  I'm counting them down.  Came here in five and now I've got one left.
THE MODERATOR:  Tony Ramos, University of Iowa, thank you.

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