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March 21, 2014

Jesse Delgado


(Illinois) (32-3)

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Jesse Delgado from the University of Illinois.

Q.  Jesse, you had only beat him 6‑5 at the middle.  Somewhat more concerned about this final, and just getting back to the final, how tough that was?
JESSE DELGADO:  Like I say, every year is a journey for every wrestler.  It's a different journey.  This year presented its challenges, and I'm overcoming so far.  I've got one more to accomplish what I set out to do at the beginning of the year and just focusing on that now, just getting that one last match, seven minutes away from a title.

Q.  Jesse, you scored the first three takedowns in this match.  Talk about your ability to get those early scores and dominate in the key position to win this thing.
JESSE DELGADO:  I just felt like I was a better wrestler in that matchup style‑wise and all around I felt like I could win every position.
It's just wrestling more freely.  Even that I could have wrestled a lot more freely.  But it's postseason, getting the win, moving on and focusing on my next match.

Q.  The thought of two California wrestlers wrestling in the final, would you talk about that?
JESSE DELGADO:  Doesn't mean much to me.  It's the guy across from me, I want to beat him.  I don't care where he's from.  I just want to get my national title.

Q.  Jesse, having faced Nahshon before, what are your expectations heading into the Finals?
JESSE DELGADO:  Well, I'm about eight takedowns to zero out on the two matches, but that doesn't mean anything come tomorrow night.  But I'm going to be ready.  I don't know about him, but I'm going to be ready.  I'm going to be on my best because that's my shine.

Q.  What's this year's tournament experience been like for you?  Does it differ any from last year when you walked through this and got the job done?
JESSE DELGADO:  It's been less of a roller coaster I guess you could say.  I kept my composure a lot.  Thought I did a good job last year but even more so this year, I was able to stay a lot more calm.  Like I said, one more match and I get my second title.

Q.  Jesse, you said you had a few bumps during the regular season.  What were those?  Talking about the midlands or something else?
JESSE DELGADO:  Just throughout the season.  It's, like I say, everybody has struggles, and I was trying to figure out how to score on guys that were slowing me down, just trying to keep it close.  But I just stayed patient, worked with my coaches, and here we are, National Finals again, one more match, seven minutes.
THE MODERATOR:  Jesse, thank you.  Good luck tomorrow.

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