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March 21, 2014

Sam Saunders


Q.テつ 69 yesterday, you followed it up with 71‑under stiffer conditions.テつ Are you totally pleased?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ Yeah, quite pleased.テつ It's a nice start.テつ Obviously it's a long tournament.テつ A lot of golf left.テつ But certainly happy to be in the position I'm in.

Q.テつ Having played this course many times with your grandfather, and been around this, are you comfortable in these surroundings?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ You know, today I was as comfortable or more comfortable than I've ever felt at this stage, in this arena.
I played the golf course today more like I play it on a week‑in, week‑out basis at home.テつ I had fun out there and hit some good shots.テつ The greens are just so fast.テつ You really have to pick and choose your places to be aggressive.テつ And it's near impossible to go around this place without making a bogey or slip up somewhere.
A couple of mistakes out there today, but in general I managed my game really well, and that felt good.

Q.テつ When your grandfather is following you, it's hard to miss his golf cart out there, is that disconcerting at all or are you just so used to it it's not a factor?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ No, he's wonderful, he really is so conscious about not being distracting to me out there.テつ And he really tries to stay a good distance back.テつ I saw him out there yesterday.テつ I didn't see him today.テつ And yesterday I barely even noticed he was there.テつ There wasn't any noise.テつ He's really considerate of myself and the other players, as well.

Q.テつ I remember talking to you after the Web.com tournament.テつ You played so well.テつ Where are you in your career right now?テつ You've got to feel like you're certainly on an upward trend.
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ Everything is going the right way now.テつ Last year was a really bad year for me, but it was the best thing for me.テつ It humbled me, it taught me to appreciate playing on the Web.com Tour.
I've been out there the last couple of years and I basically lost my job and then had to go back through Q‑School this year.テつ I tell you what, I'm very appreciative to have a place to play out there and it's a great tour.テつ And the level of play on that tour is fantastic.テつ So it's great preparation and I'm just excited to have a spot here this week and just trying to make the most of it.

Q.テつ Are you excited about the weekend?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ Absolutely.テつ Yeah, going to see what I can do.

Q.テつ Any advice or talk about today's round with your granddad?
SAM SAUNDERS:テつ Yeah, I'll definitely talk to him later today I'm sure.テつ And we'll talk about the course and how it's playing out there.テつ I think he'll pretty much tell me to keep doing what I'm doing and go for it.

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