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March 21, 2014

Fred Couples


Q.テつ Nice round, 6‑under par to get started?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Yeah, I played really well.テつ I feel like I putt well on these greens in the past, and I made some today obviously to shoot that score.テつ Just was good driving, made three birdies on the par3s, which is unusual, so that was a big boost.テつ But I felt like I hit the ball pretty solid and putted well.

Q.テつ You had the run of four birdies in a row on your first nine, talk about that.
FRED COUPLES:テつ On the 11th hole, I had a sand wedge in there and left a horrible shot and 3‑putted to get one over early and then I birdied four in a row, which was a big, big help obviously.テつ I flew one in the hole on 12 and it kind of scurried out to about eight feet and made it.テつ The next hole, the par5, hit it on in two.テつ And next one was a par 3, hit a good shot and then I birdied the next par 5, too.テつ So it was a good run and then hit a great shot on 17 to about two feet for birdie.テつ And then played pretty solid.テつ Made a very good up‑and‑down the last hole from over that green, which is not ever easy.

Q.テつ Is this a continuation of last week, obviously winning?
FRED COUPLES:テつ I think it's a continuation of liking this course.テつ That's why I'm here.テつ I like Fallen Oaks and hope to play it for a long time.テつ The reason‑‑ I like the course.テつ If I don't play well, it's probably because I don't drive the ball well, because there's some bunkers out there, but today was good drives and it played, from where I drove it, I should have been under par and by making a few twos on par 3s, I got to 6‑under.

Q.テつ What did you think about getting matched up with Allen?
FRED COUPLES:テつ I beat him, too, the year I won, I birdied the last hole to beat him.テつ He made this course look pretty easy today.テつ He made one little bogey on the first hole going for the green in two and other than that, he played really, really well.テつ Nick Price I love playing with.テつ The pairings out here are great, especially for guys that I played with my whole career, and Nick is someone that I've played with a long time and obviously Michael is a great player.

Q.テつ You talk about feeling good here; is there a specific reason?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, I think because it's been a long course, and you know, I putt well on bermudagreens.テつ The first year I played here, I won, so that's a pretty good start of why I like it.テつ And today was no exception.テつ Tomorrow, it's not an easy course.テつ There are some‑‑ 1‑under, even par, that's not a poor round in this wind, and 2‑ or 3‑under is an even better score and I think a few of the guys that are up there but I just like the golf course, it's fun to play.

Q.テつ How important to get out like you did today, because when the wind blows, it's a different place, isn't it?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Any course is different and this is no easy course when the wind blows.テつ You know, all our tee times, we're all playing bunched up from 10:30 to 12 or something like that, so we are all playing in the wind.テつ I just maybe played a little better than some but I had a good round.テつ I'm very happy with it.

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