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March 20, 2014

Jordan Aaron

Austin Arians

Rob Jeter


Villanova – 73
Milwaukee - 53

THE MODERATOR:  We're joined by Milwaukee head coach Rob Jeter as well as student‑athletes Jordan Aaron and Austin Arians.
Opening statement, Coach, from you.
COACH JETER:  We have to give Villanova a lot of credit.  I mean, to be undersized, they do a nice job of fighting and being aggressive, and eventually they just wear you down.  I think that's what happened to us.
They really kept us off balance most of the evening, and we just really weren't able to establish clean post looks and get to the free‑throw line when it mattered.  I know we got there, but we didn't get there when it really mattered.
You have to give them a lot of credit for how disciplined of a group because you have to be disciplined, when you're undersized, to battle big guys.
But my team, I think the score doesn't really indicate how these guys played and the way they battled and fought.  I'm very proud of my team.
There's going to be 67 teams that are disappointed like us.  These guys really battled all season, and I'm very proud of them. 

Q.  I know it was a tough game, what was the experience just getting here like for you guys?  Going through the Horizon League Tournament and getting on that run.
JORDAN AARON:  The experience, it was great.  I couldn't be more proud of my teammates for what they've done this season.  We fought through everything possible we could this season to get to this point, and I can't be more proud of them for the effort they gave out there tonight and what we've done this whole season.
We went through a lot of ups and downs together, and I will never forget this moment and this team, being a part of this team.
AUSTIN ARIANS:  Yeah, this experience was unbelievable.  I mean, we were picked to finish last in the preseason poll, and we ended up winning the conference tournament and getting the chance to come here, which was unbelievable.
Every guy on this team has stepped up at some point during the year.  I can't give enough credit to every single person on this team.  Everybody had their moments and had a great time doing what we accomplished this year.  It was awesome.

Q.  Jordan, probably 1 of 15 wasn't what you were expecting.  What was going wrong from the field today?
JORDAN AARON:  Just got to credit Villanova.  They did a great job of keeping me off balance and just staying into me.  They just did a great job on defense.
A lot of shots I took just didn't fall for me tonight, and you just got to go with what happens out there.  But you got to credit Villanova.  They did a great job on defense.

Q.  Guys, what was the feeling like at halftime?
JORDAN AARON:  It was just definitely just to get back out there and execute what we were supposed to do.  Just get the ball on the side, try to get our bigs touches, and keep our tempo to the game.  That's what we tried to come out in the second half and do.
You've just got to credit Villanova for the effort they gave.  They kept us off balance tonight, and they didn't let us get it in the post and get comfortable with what we were used to doing.  So I tip my hat.  They did a good job.

Q.  So you guys went right to the crowd after the game.  What was it like to have that support from Milwaukee?
JORDAN AARON:  It was definitely a great feeling.  I mean, Milwaukee, our fans, they have done a tremendous job all year sticking by us.
Definitely coming off last year with the season that we had was very rough, and they always stuck by us.  They was our backbones, and they traveled a long way to get here.  We just definitely wanted to thank them for that.
A lot of family members, everybody on the team, and we had a great support system this season.  I can't thank them enough for what they've done for us and how they always stay behind us through every adversity that we faced this season.
AUSTIN ARIANS:  It's an awesome feeling when you are traveling from Milwaukee to Buffalo, and Villanova is only traveling from Philly, and we see as many fans as we had there tonight.  It's an awesome feeling to know that we have the support of Milwaukee behind us.
THE MODERATOR:  Thanks, guys.  Appreciate it.  Great season.

Q.  There's a lot of things on this box score that, if you said before the game you were going to get them, you'd be happy with it.  Holding them to four threes would certainly be one of those.  Did you concentrate on arranging your defense out there and preventing those, and did that open up the paint a little more than you might have liked under ideal circumstances?
COACH JETER:  Well, yes, we definitely wanted to make them take tough two‑pointers.  I don't really think they got easy two‑point shots until like the last four minutes.
We could have played the game to play it safe, but we played it to win.  That's not our style to over extend ourselves and to pressure them, but to try to win this game, we were going to have to take a chance and do that.
To run them off the three‑point line was definitely part of the game plan.  I thought we did a nice job of rebounding some of those misses.  Their athleticism just to get to some of those rebounds just late in the game just was a difference.
Defensively, to have one field goal in the last five minutes, I mean, that's where it was won.  Defensively, they did a nice job.

Q.  In the first half, you guys were up, kind of had the momentum behind you, fans were in it.  Then Villanova went on the 9‑0 run.  Was that the turning point in the game, do you think?
COACH JETER:  I don't think it was a turning point in the game.  We've hit those lulls before.  It was the free throws.  It was the lack of getting to the free‑throw line the first half.  I thought it was the difference, or the turning point for us in the first half.  The frustrating part was we couldn't get to the free‑throw line, and we only attempted one.  That was just we didn't get a chance to get the ball inside.
Clearly, the 9‑0 run changed the momentum of the game.  That's automatic.  But did it change the game?  Did we think we were defeated at that moment?  No.  But it did change the momentum of the game.
THE MODERATOR:  Okay, Coach.  Great season.  Appreciate your time.

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