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March 20, 2014

Karl Cochran

Lee Skinner

Mike Young


Michigan – 57
Wofford – 40

THE MODERATOR:  First, we'll hear from Coach Young and then after his opening statement, questions for the student-athletes.  And then when they're excused, we'll have questions for Coach Young.  Coach Young.
COACH MIKE YOUNG:  I've been doing it a long time, 28 years.  I wanted a different outcome.  We thought we could come over here and we had some specific things we could do, needed to do to win.  You know, we guarded them really, really well.  We couldn't make a shot.  And, you know, last time I checked, that's pretty important aspect of the game is to get it in the hole and puts a lot of pressure on your defense.  Talking about guarding Stauskas and Robinson and others, makes it awfully hard, but I'm beaming with pride with these guys sitting to my left and their accomplishments, our program's accomplishments, and we got a pretty good team coming back.  So, we'll walk out of here with our head high.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, Coach.  Questions for the student-athletes.

Q.  Coach mentioned that you guys couldn't shoot the ball particularly well from the three-point line.  Was it the shooting back drop, Michigan's defense, what was it that led to the struggle there?
LEE SKINNER:  I don't shoot from the three-point line.
KARL COCHRAN:  Some nights, unfortunately, the ball just doesn't drop in the basket.  I will give some credit to the style of defense that Michigan played, though.  They were really intense all night.  Some nights aren't as good as others.  Unfortunately, we just faced a tough night from the three-point line.
LEE SKINNER:  Yeah.  Going along with that, we had really good looks.  We had as good of looks as we had all season.  Inside, they were a bigger team, real physical, just -- we got good looks and didn't get a couple of those to go down.

Q.  Karl, usually you can shoot your way out.  Did you feel at that point they were going to start dropping and dropping fast?
KARL COCHRAN:  You always have to keep an optimistic mindset, especially on an off night.  If you start to doubt yourself and start to hunch your shoulders, there's no chance that you'll ever come out of a shooting slump or even get a W, especially with your team, because all that negative energy, your teammates see that in you and see it on your face and kind of start to feed off of it.  If the ball is not going in, you got to keep your shoulders back and find something else to do.
COACH MIKE YOUNG:  Man, I love you.  Man, I love you.

Q.  Coach what were your thoughts about how Robinson played?  What made it tough to defend?
COACH MIKE YOUNG:  With all the ball screen hand-off actions with Morgan, we were going to come off of Robinson and try to absorb some of that.  22 percent from three -- correct me if I'm wrong -- pick your poison.  You're certainly not going to blink off of Stauskas.  LeVert had a great year for them.  Walton is 39 percent from three, and there's got to be something in the middle lane to take care of some things.  I told a couple of friends earlier today in our staff meetings that that was a big matchup.  If he shot it, he scored, you know, 14, 18, 20, we had some problems.  And he's a very talented player.  But we felt like it was our best opportunity to guard them, and that's how we went.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for the student-athletes, please, then we'll have more for the coach later.  Maybe if we can go down the way for the student-athletes, just about this experience and just the great season that it was.
JUSTIN GORDON:  This experience is one of a kind.  I personally, actually everybody up here, has never been on this type of stage before.  Pretty much the only person is Aerris Smith, and he unfortunately wasn't able the play with us tonight.  Any type of events like this is going to help us in the future.  So we just got to learn from this and hopefully we can get a W next year.
KARL COCHRAN:  Feeding off that, like Justin is saying, this stage is one of a kind.  It's great to be in an environment like this, small school, you're really not going to play in front of thousands, especially when you play on CBS and even more are watching.  It's kind of great to get that publicity.  Unfortunately, tonight wasn't our night.  We'll probably be back next year, and the outcome is probably going to be better.
LEE SKINNER:  Overall, was an awesome opportunity for us to play a great team in Michigan, and just we all appreciated the support we got from our school, Wofford College, and it was beautiful to see the city and school just rally around us.
And then on top of that, it was awesome to just stick around and play in a post-season tournament and keep playing with this team, and every single one of us in this locker room loves each other.  We'll do anything for each other, and that's how it's going to be next year.  Next year in and off-season we're going to go back at it, and hopefully we'll be by the back here next year with a better outcome.
THE MODERATOR:  Anything else for the student-athletes?  All right.  We'll release you.  Thank you very much.  Congratulations on your season.
Questions for Coach, please.

Q.  Coach, while some reporters file in, I think it was the seven in the second half and got very interesting for awhile.  What did you think tipped the game back Michigan's way?
COACH MIKE YOUNG:  Cut it to seven and Cochran got a stop.  He had a shot that Cochran makes with regularity and didn't get it down.  And then Morgan on a slip down the middle of the lane and it was a block, exceptionally well-officiated game.  It was a block.  Morgan got it down.  So, there's a swing.  Instead of five, it's back to ten and you got different dynamics.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Coach?
Thank you, sir.  Congratulations on your season.
COACH MIKE YOUNG:  Great city, great tournament.  Thanks.

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