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March 20, 2014

John Merrick


Q.  Bay Hill is a tough golf course, you made it look easy today.
JOHN MERRICK:  It's not an easy golf course.  I remember in past years it being really tough.  We just got a calm day today.  The greens were pretty soft.  It was kind of for the taking today.  It's not usually like that.

Q.  Four birdies in a row there, 4, 5, 6 and 7, pretty good stretch.
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, just a fun day.  It's my birthday today, I'm 32 today.  Maybe I came in today with a smile on my face and told myself I wasn't going to beat myself up.  It was a fun day.

Q.  What a great birthday present.  You're right in position for the rest of the week.
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah.  It's the first day, nice to get started.  Looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.  What a good round by John Merrick, the Birthday Boy.  Happy 32nd to you.  You really turned it on on the back nine, how did you put it together?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, I made some putts.  I haven't been doing that lately in my rounds.  It was nice to make some putts, that was kind of the difference in my round.

Q.  You talked about changing your mindset now that you're 32, what's different?
JOHN MERRICK:  I think being my birthday today I kind of just walked out here with a smile on my face, knew it was going to be a good day regardless, and maybe didn't worry much about how I was going to play.  It worked out.

Q.  How do you carry that over?
JOHN MERRICK:  Yeah, you know, you wish you could figure that out.  Golf is such a crazy game.
I hit the ball nicely today and made some putts.  I'm looking forward to the next couple of days.

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