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March 20, 2014

Tyler Haws

Dave Rose

Anson Winder


Oregon テや 87
BYU テや 68

THE MODERATOR:テつ Again, we'll have an opening statement from Coach Rose and then questions for the student-athletes so we can release them, and then after that, questions for Coach Rose.
Coach Rose, please.
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, first of all, I'm really proud of our team.テつ I think that we had really exciting week as far as our invitation to the tournament, but it was extremely difficulty with the injury to Kyle.テつ And I think that our ability to fight through some real adversity, and we cut it to three there in the second half and had some momentum.テつ Oregon was too good.
I think that -- congratulate Dana and his team for advancing in the tournament because it's a difficulty thing to do.テつ That's what we want to do is to be able to advance.テつ And I'm proud of our guys and look forward to getting started on a new season, and so with that, we'll take any questions.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you.テつ Questions for the student-athletes, please.

Q.テつ Tyler, you get it down to 3, as Coach mentioned.テつ What did Oregon do to really run that lead back?テつ I know they got five quick points, and where did they drive the rest of the game?
TYLER HAWS:テつ Well, I mean, they just got in the lane and got easy buckets, got to the foul line, and they just kept making plays.テつ And you got to give them a lot of credit for answering our run.

Q.テつ For either Anson or Tyler, did you have a scouting report on Cook at all?テつ He seemed to get inside and get a lot of points.テつ Hasn't been a big scorer for them.
TYLER HAWS:テつ Yes, we did have a scouting report for him, and he's a really good player.テつ Got to the foul line and found a way to get easy buckets.

Q.テつ Anson, there were stretches where you played real well defensively and kept the guys in front of you and then others where there were lapses.テつ Can you kind of describe what happened there to the perimeter defense?
ANSON WINDER:テつ I think we just got a little lackadaisical, myself included.テつ I think sometimes in the course of a game, you kind of expect things to happen and you don't go out and make them happen yourself, and, you know, I take responsibility for that, and our team and, you know, I give credit to Oregon because they played a really good game and executed their offense well.

Q.テつ Tyler, were there times during the game where you thought wow, we really could use Kyle here, and what impact did him not being here have on you guys?
TYLER HAWS:テつ Yeah.テつ No, Kyle, he's a guy that you can't replace, and he brings so much to our team but, you know, even with him out, I thought we had chances to win this game.テつ We cut it to three, and I thought we had momentum and guys stepped up.テつ Even when shots weren't falling, they stayed in mentally.テつ So, even with him out, I'm proud of the way we fought and thought we had our chance.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Other questions for the student-athletes?テつ All right, gentlemen.テつ Thank you and we'll release you.テつ Congratulations on your season.テつ Questions for Coach Rose, please.

Q.テつ Coach, Cook was mentioned, and there had been a number of games where maybe an unexpected guy has gone off for a season high.テつ Is it maybe you guys losing track of lesser non-players?
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, I think that, you know, in this case it all came down to their ability to penetrate the ball.テつ I didn't matter if it was Johnathan Loyd or Joseph Young or Calliste.テつ They all took turns penetrating the ball in, and then as soon as we would step up and help, they would find whoever it was.テつ Cook was the man that seemed to be in the -- who benefited most of those assists from Johnathan Loyd and Calliste.テつ But it probably would have been Moser, but he was in foul trouble most of the time.
They're a very talented team.テつ Really, the scouting report was pretty thorough, and I think that, you know, our guys were just overwhelmed at times as far as being able to control their penetration.テつ They just keep coming at you, and I think that's what really hurt us.

Q.テつ Dave, you did mention about Moser.テつ If you had known that he prior -- that he would have four fouls and practically not play in the second half, do you think you would have had a better chance?
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ I thought that would increase our chances, yeah, but you get to this time of the season, you get to this point, you're going to play a really good team that's overcome a lot of adversity to get here.テつ It doesn't happen with one guy.テつ And they had a lot of their players step up and really play well.テつ And it's a team, it's a really good team.テつ You take maybe 10 or 12 points on the season and add it to Oregon's total at the right time, you might have a 2 or 3 seed.
They got beat during a few games in the season where they're all close games and came kind of back to back to back when they started the first part of their league.テつ But this is a really talented team.テつ Should be a great matchup up on Saturday with Wisconsin and Oregon.

Q.テつ Dave, what were the differences between this game and the game in December as far as the pace goes and your getting into attack mode?
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, I think our perimeter defense was a little better in that game.テつ I think that we were -- we were a lot more confident in the times when we got open shots.テつ You know, we shot a few rushed shots and forced shots tonight, but even the shots that were in rhythm and in our pace seemed to be a little bit maybe more contested.
I think that we didn't have quite the space to operate in at our -- in our rhythm like we normally do.
It seemed like even Tyler, when he got a little open, it was kind of rushed and I think maybe that affected our shooting percentage.テつ We shot 33 percent from the field and we're a much better shooting team than that.テつ You got to give Oregon a lot of credit for how they contested us.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Other questions.

Q.テつ Dave, you had mentioned the other day how the team was really emotional practicing for the first time without Kyle.テつ In huddles when things weren't going well, could you kind of maybe sense that guys really missed him at that point or were they at least separated from the fact that he obviously --
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ We had a great feel in the huddle after the first 12 minutes of the game.テつ I thought we had a little bit of lull, and we were able to come back and cut it to eight at the half and had a really good chance to be six points at half.
So, our guys went in with a good feel to them, and then the second half, you know, it got up a little bit, but our guys fought back and we hit the three to cut it to three and then called timeout.テつ I mean, it felt real, felt right, and our guys were encouraged and they were pulling for each other.テつ Just, you know, like the normal huddles that we have most of the time.
Didn't really kind of feel different until the four-minute timeout.テつ The four-minute timeout it was a lot of encouragement from our coaching staff to try to get our guys to get back up and finish it, because they were pretty down there.テつ But that was probably the only time I noticed a real difference in the huddle.
THE MODERATOR: テつAnything else?テつ Thank you Coach.
COACH DAVE ROSE:テつ All right.テつ Thank you, guys.

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