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August 23, 2003

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK: I'm about four back at the moment. Clarke just made a birdie to go 8. I mean, I was just kind of plodding along. I haven't done anything great this week, one under, one under, two under. I've hit some really good shots and hit a few wayward ones. I didn't drive the ball particularly well.

I got myself in trouble a couple times off the tee and those were the bogeys I made. I'm just plodding along and keeping myself in there. I haven't had one of those really good rounds that will make a difference in the lead, so hopefully that will come tomorrow.

Q. Have you given any thought to what this would mean to the rest of the year and how you can kind of get a leg up things?

JIM FURYK: I haven't thought about it. Y'all keep reminding me about it. I know, it's your job. No, I want to win golf tournaments obviously, American Express and the Tour Championship are probably the biggest ones. There's a few events that I like. Obviously Vegas is coming up. It will be a little interesting to see what they do to Greensboro because I'll probably end up going back there. I always like Greensboro a lot, but Davis has redone it. There's some events left. I'm just trying to win golf tournaments like always and trying to get myself ready. The last couple of weeks I've been treading on that line since Buick of playing good. I didn't have the whole package last week at the PGA and I haven't been able to put together the whole package this week. I'm treading on the line, so hopefully it will peek its head out tomorrow.

Q. You had a great up-and-down at 16?

JIM FURYK: Up and in actually. I hit it in the left rough off the tee and able to scoot a 6-iron down to the bottom of the hill where I had a 6-iron into the green. I hit an awful shot left and then it kicked left and then it got over there in the rough in the gallery where the rough was matted down. I hit a flop shot that came out perfect that landed on the shortcut and it was steaming pretty good. I mean, it was as good and soft as I could hit it and it would have gone pretty far by and it smacked the pin and went in the hole. It turned a really good 5 and a probable almost always 6 into a 4, so it changed the day around.

Q. What was it about the golf course you continue to --

JIM FURYK: I love this golf course. This is one of my favorites that we play all year. I look forward to playing here. I wish my game was in a little better shape this year. It's just typical of kind of what I grew up on, back and forth golf course, greens from back to front. It puts a premium on hitting the ball in the fairway. It's a long golf course on the card, but with as fast and firm as it is, it puts a premium on hitting the ball in the fairway. We're not always hitting driver because you have to drive it straight and keep the ball in the fairway. I've played a lot of events here so I'm comfortable here. I put this in one of my top five courses that I like every year.

Q. You grabbed a club there in the bag. Is it something painful or are you trying to feel something?

JIM FURYK: I'm always sore this time of the year. My body hurts. The way I picked my bag up, I had a little shot of pain in my left wrist and I just wanted to kink it out of there.

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