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March 16, 2014

Josh George

Diane Roy


THE MODERATOR:  Why don't each of you start off, tell us a little bit about the course.  I know the hills in the beginning are always very fun for people.  You've made history, first time wheelchairs have been included in the Half.  Do you just want to talk a little bit about that, each of you.
JOSH GEORGE:  The first half of the course was definitely challenging, but it sort of played into my strengths a little bit.  I'm more of a climber.  So I‑‑ you know, my goal going into it was to try to take advantage of the hills at the beginning and try to get away.  It worked better than I even anticipated.
I was able to create a little gap right at the beginning and then build off of it, some of the steeper climbs a couple of miles into the race.  So it was tough.
But then the second half of the course was pretty easy.
DIANE ROY:  For me, the course is difficult because it was a lot of hills.  So to begin with the hills and it was freezing.  So the first five, six, I was behind for sure, but down in was good.
After that, it just came back.  I was third, and after that, second, and the last two kilometers, first.  So I just tried to keep going and stay in the front and finish.  So I'm very happy.
THE MODERATOR:  Can you each talk about what it means to be the first winner of the New York City Half.
JOSH GEORGE:  Well, I absolutely love racing in New York City.  I've been doing the marathon for years now.  It's my favorite race of the year.  So to be able to come back in March for a half marathon and hopefully make this an annual event as well is just incredibly exciting for me.
And to be the first one to win it is amazing.  I know it's just going to get harder and harder and harder to win this race from this point on as the race grows, but to be up here now is great.
DIANE ROY:  For me, I think I did 10, 11 times New York Marathon, and I never win.  So I'm very happy to win this, the first one, so maybe that will challenge me to try to win the next year again and maybe the full marathon.
THE MODERATOR:  And on the heels of that question, can you talk about your, after this, your plans for the‑‑ what's on your competition schedule after this?
JOSH GEORGE:  I think Diane and my plans are kind of similar.  Next up for me is the London Marathon.  I'm doing London, Boston, and possibly Seoul in April and early May, and then I have a bunch of domestic races, shorter stuff, Indy Half, Boulder 10K.
DIANE ROY:  Except I'm doing Paris Marathon before London.  So I have three marathons in a row in April.  So that will be fun.
In May, I will do some track meets in Swiss and U.S. and everything.
THE MODERATOR:  You have the distinction of you get to hang on to that course record for one whole year.
JOSH GEORGE:  I have horrible luck with records.  I've held three world records, a couple of Paralympic records.  They never last long.  It's great.  I'll savor it now, but it never lasts long.

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