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March 16, 2014

Matt Tegenkamp


Q.  Matt, you were in that pack of eight guys at the lead.  Did you see what happened with Mo when he went down?  We couldn't even see it from the truck.  I don't know whether you had a better view where you were.
MATT TEGENKAMP:  Yeah, I was probably‑‑ well, I was only separated by‑‑ there was one guy in front of us.  It looked like there was one guy trying to get out and just snagged Mo's trail leg, and Mo tried to bring his leg, like cycle back through, and he just couldn't quite get it and ended up going down.

Q.  Was that between five and six about?
MATT TEGENKAMP:  Yeah, and it was on‑‑ at that point in the race, it was like all the downhills were being pushed really hard, and he just happened to fall on a downhill.  That's where the race kind of really separated in a bunch of different packs at that point.

Q.  How long did it take him to get up? 
MATT TEGENKAMP:  I have no idea.  I ran right past him.
THE MODERATOR:  Matt, can you just talk about this is your debut, and just give us the highlights on what your strategy was and how you felt in sixth.
MATT TEGENKAMP:  Yeah, I think this was kicking off the '14 season for me.  I thought I was in really good fitness coming in.  I was a little disappointed just‑‑ I mean, we lost probably 40 seconds in the first 2 1/2 miles of the race.
But overall, like I get into competitive mode, and probably about eight miles, I knew that I really kind of missed my race.  Juan Barrios and another guy were up there.
I would push and surge and try to go for 800 to 1,200 meters once we hit kind of the West Highway.  I just couldn't make up any distance.
I think by mile 11, I started really cramping up, my right side, but like I'm glad I've run a marathon before because I knew it was just kind of the bad patch of the race, just check off a little bit, regroup.  And I still felt really strong all the way into the finish, felt like I had a really strong finish, was able to change gears.
I think there's a lot of exciting things to look forward to in 2014.

Q.  Can you talk about the wind?  Where was it a factor?  Where wasn't it?  What was it like running down the West Side Highway?
MATT TEGENKAMP:  I mean, the worst wind was right after we took the right out of Times Square.  That was definitely the worst.  But you could notice it all through Central Park.  It was enough.
And then I'd say‑‑ I don't know if it‑‑ it definitely helped on West Highway, but there were times where you'd kind of turn back into it a little bit and still get it.
Overall, I think, as the race went on, it took a good four miles to get warm, like to actually feel warm.  I'm glad everybody was kind of on the same page in the race because it's kind of pointless and everybody warmed up, it seems.

Q.  What's your next race?
MATT TEGENKAMP:  Potentially Cherry Blossom coming up in, what, like three weeks.  We're trying now to put‑‑ we wanted to figure out where I was coming off of this, how I could compete.  I was really excited.
I'm glad‑‑ I think this race really turned into an international race, not an American race, and I'm just glad early on that I got up in it and got in the international race and really kind of‑‑ I made a poor decision not getting up a little bit further, but I won't make that mistake as the year goes on, learn from that.
And just really excited to get the season going and move forward and really try to get in these longer races to better prepare for the marathon.

Q.  Are you pretty much by yourself after you guys came out of the Park?
MATT TEGENKAMP:  Yeah.  The groups were established.  You just weren't able to check‑‑ like close down those gaps.  So yeah.
New York, it was a crazy course in the Park and ups and downs and then flat.  It was a really good experience in New York.  It was the first time ‑‑ I've run a 5K here and a mile here, but actually getting the longer roads and experiencing the city crowd.  It was a great experience and pleasure to be here.

Q.  Can you talk about, when you left the Park, who were you around, and how did that play out?
MATT TEGENKAMP:  I believe Barrios probably had about 10 meters on me at that point.  I was still just kind of trying to find my rhythm at that point in time.  I felt like I was still surging instead of just finding a solid rhythm.
So then it was‑‑ an Ethiopian or an Eritrean.  I'm not really sure who it was.  And then the German gentleman.  So we pretty much took turns.
I think everybody was trying to‑‑ us three, you can't do much to‑‑ you either run hard and try to break them or try to run as a group, and I think we ran as a group for a while.  I think by mile 10, it was like starting to try to figure out what everybody had left out of each other.

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