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March 16, 2014

Mo Farah


THE MODERATOR:  We have Mo for a few minutes, taking questions.

Q.  Mo, tell us what happened there at the five, six mile mark.  Did you trip on someone's feet and fell down?
MO FARAH:¬† Yeah, I'm not sure what happened.¬† I just remember falling down and hit the ground quite hard.¬† At that point, I just wanted to get back up and get behind‑‑ get with the group.

Q.  And you did?
MO FARAH:  Yeah, I did, but it was in the last seconds.

Q.  Mo, how long did you stay down?
MO FARAH:¬† I'm not sure exactly how long it was.¬† It did take quite a lot out of me.¬† My mind was to just close the gap slowly, but I couldn't quite close the gap.¬† And then last four miles, I struggled a bit.¬† I was just pretty much seeing stars.¬† Just couldn't‑‑ everything was kind of blurred to me.
I just wanted to keep going.  I didn't want to stop and drop.

Q.  Afterwards, when you were on the ground and then wheeled off, what exactly happened?  How were you feeling?
MO FARAH:  I feel good.  I don't remember passing out, but I think it was just I tried so hard in the race, obviously, taking a fall and then going through.  I'm all right.  It's fine.  It's no big deal.

Q.  You were going to use this race as a gauge for London.  Obviously, the fall kind of changed your plans a little bit.  What do you take away in terms of your fitness and planning for a marathon?
MO FARAH:  The condition today was very, very cold.  London's going to be different.  But I feel good.  I felt good at that point, to the point I went down.
Other than that, you know, it happens in a race.  You've got to deal with it.  Nothing changes.  Training's been going pretty well, but at the same time, it would have been nice to come out here and win the race, but Mutai is a strong athlete.  If something happens in the race, it's just having that bit more on the edge.
But I guess just continue training and not too long to go to London now.

Q.  Mo, would you say the fall represented the difference between winning and not winning?
MO FARAH:¬† It's hard to say.¬† I've not watched the race, but I know, when I went down, I went down quite hard.¬† I did feel like my hip, got caught on my hip, my ankle, the whole right‑hand side.
But I don't know what would have happened.  My aim was to stick behind Mutai and don't let a gap.  But at that point, when I went down, there was a massive gap, and it was hard to close that gap again.

Q.  Back there he surged too, upped the pace like 20 seconds.
MO FARAH:  Yeah, I would have done exactly the same thing if I was him in the race.  So I guess you just got to move on.  Next race is London.

Q.¬† So you'll be seeing him again in London.¬† When you were catching up‑‑ coming down the West Side Highway, second place was in sight.¬† There was talk on the TV that maybe first place was.¬† It didn't quite look like that was going to happen.¬† But can you talk about seeing first and second place coming a little closer to you.
MO FARAH:  Yeah, my aim was just keep going for it, and at that point, I saw I was closing the gap.  I wanted to close, but it was just quite a massive gap.  I couldn't quite get Mutai, but managed to get second place.  At that point, everything was kind of a blur to me.
I tried my hardest and gave 110 percent.  That's all you can do.  Sometimes things happen out of your control, and you've just got to move on.  It doesn't make you a bad athlete.  The guys are pretty decent athletes.  It's not like someone else, Joe Blow or someone else who's beaten you today.  They're both good athletes.

Q.  Mo, have you ever fallen in a race before either on the track or on the road?
MO FARAH:  Yes, so many times.  Even once I've fallen over and run the wrong way.  It's just part of it to fall.  In 2007.

Q.  Where?
MO FARAH:  Birmingham Indoors.

Q.¬† Just talk about post‑Olympics and how your road racing is going in general and your other goals.
MO FARAH:  Yeah, last year was a great year for me, and winning that double was awesome, and then backing up there, the previous year from the Olympics.  This year I wanted to try the marathon.  It's going on the right road.  I'm very excited.
Hopefully, I come off the marathon, and then we'll see what the plan is, do a few races and hopefully get back on the track maybe at some point.  It all just depends on how London goes.

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