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March 16, 2014

Rob Brandenberg

Shaka Smart


ST. JOSEPHテや儡 テや 65
VCU - 61

COACH SMART:テつ Not much to say.テつ It was a disappointing game.テつ Give a lot of credit to St. Joe's, they played great.テつ Thought their seniors really stepped up.テつ Galloway, Bembry, Roberts, they made some huge plays.テつ Congratulations to Coach Martelli and his team.テつ I think they have had a terrific year and they earned this championship today.

Q.テつ Rob, on that three that Galloway hit that ended up being the tie‑breaking three, what did you see from him there, starting to the for the drive and pulled up for the three?
ROB BRANDENBERG:テつ You know, I just wanted to try to make him put it on the ground, put the ball on the floor because he's a great three‑point shooter.テつ I played the drive, he stepped back, made a tough shot.テつ I mean, that's all I can really say about that.

Q.テつ How does it feel knowing that it's you're senior season, obviously it's a disappointing loss, but how can you use this as motivation heading into the NCAA Tournament and you have one more opportunity?
ROB BRANDENBERG:テつ I was just telling, Juvonte, Tre, you know, let it hurt, but you can't be down too long, because you know, we've got some games we've got to play this week in the NCAA tournament.テつ I'm just going to use this as motivation to leave it all out there.テつ I don't want my season to end like this on a loss.
So I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure my teammates are ready and make sure that whatever happens, you know, I just leave it all out on the floor like I did tonight.

Q.テつ How difficult is it having lost another tight conference Final game another straight year in the same building?
COACH SMART: It's difficult.テつ It's a close loss in a conference championship you want to win.テつ It's not really any more difficult because of what happened last year.テつ It's just you want to win this year in the present moment.
Thirteen teams came up here to win, because two of them left today at one o'clock.テつ We felt like we had a really good opportunity to be the team that won it, but St. Joe's obviously had something to say about that and they played better than us.

Q.テつ Yesterday you talked a lot about the culture of unity that you guys have developed.テつ How do you think that's going to help you move on for this and get ready for the NCAA Tournament?
COACH SMART:テつ Whatever we do, we have to do it together.テつ It's important we are connected in good times and in tough times.テつ So, today we lost a game together.テつ We weren't good enough as a team, and it's something that hurts because it was a big goal of ours.テつ But it wasn't our only goal.テつ We have obviously an important part of the season coming up next, so I think for us, the most important thing is to stay together and regroup, figure out who we're playing, where we're playing, when we're playing and move forward.

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