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March 16, 2014

Rodney Hood

Mike Krzyzewski

Jabari Parker


Virginia – 72
Duke - 63

COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  I want to congratulate Virginia.  It was an amazingly physical game.  Both teams wanted it so hard, so much.  They were poised.  They finished better than we did.  Obviously, they got to the foul line a helluva lot better than we did.  And they're just a good team.
And we have a good team.  Our kids fought like crazy.  It's their third game in 40 hours.  We had a hard time finishing and getting to the foul line when we didn't.
The heart of our team was great.  Our kids played with great heart.  So going forward into the NCAA Tournament, I think these three games have really helped us get on to another level.  I'm excited about our group and proud of them.  Any questions?

Q.  Mike, when you watched Jabari in the second half, it seemed like he was demanding the ball more and kind of trying to take that role of taking over.  Do you feel like that's a point in his development?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  No, he's done that.  He took 24 shots and only three free throws.  Part of his development is, when he makes those moves, is to finish, get fouled, not get fouled, you know what I mean.  I mean, his should be a combination.  Jabari played his butt off.  He was relentless in trying to get things in.
We were almost there.  We were right there, in spite of not being able to finish.  So it's disappointing.  But Jabari, I mean, that's what we want him to do.

Q.  For Jabari and Rodney, can you talk about what it was like to face that Virginia defense?
JABARI PARKER:  I think we kind of just rushed.  We were just so anxious to get on the offensive end once we tried to get down and get their momentum on my side.  But I could have did a better job myself, gathering myself and getting to the free throw line, but it didn't help me out.
RODNEY HOOD:  I think they're a really good defensive team.  But at the same time, I think we got a lot of looks.  Some is going to haunt me tonight, but I think we got the ball in the paint.  We played, we shared the ball.  They're a great defensive team, but I think we got enough looks to change the game and we just didn't finish.

Q.  Mike, I was curious, in both halves, it was a very long time before you even attempted a three.  Was that a function of defense or a game plan thing?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  They take it away a lot.  We felt driving the ball and trying to get to the foul line was the way to go.  If you drove and kicked, then you would get a better three‑point shot because they're a heck of a defensive team.  So actually, it was the best that we've driven the ball for a long time today, because you have to drive through a strong defense.  And our guys were doing that.

Q.  Jabari, what is it about Akil Mitchell that makes him such a good one‑on‑one defender and what are the challenges of going up against him today?
JABARI PARKER:  He's athletic and he anticipates a lot on the defensive end.  I kind of read him in the second half and kind of shied away and put him off the hook and I didn't listen to Coach like he was telling me to not settle.  I started settling, but I could have just kept on going.  He's a good defensive player and he should be one of the greatest defensive players in Virginia history.

Q.  Coach, can you explain that technical in the first half?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  I have no clue.  None.

Q.  The video showed you throwing a pen?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Yeah, but you can throw a clipboard too.  I didn't do it in reaction to anything.  I can hit my head on the floor.  I can do a handstand.  I can tumble, as long as it's not a reaction to anybody.
There's no way that there should be a technical foul on that.  I mean, that was ridiculous.  Absolutely ridiculous.  Shameful.  Shameful.

Q.  Coach, this particular opponent, it seems to symbolize a lot of the same things you've been kind of preaching at Duke for a long, long time.  The teamwork, the unselfishness, the conditioning, the defense.  Can you just elaborate on what you see in UVA along those lines?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  I see all the things that you just said.  I mean, they did it.  You answered your question well.  I mean, I admire them.  I think they're a helluva basketball team.  They've had a great season, great kids, unselfish.  They're one of the best teams in the country.  They've done that in a consistent manner.
They've been healthy too.  So they haven't had bumps in the road and so they keep getting a little bit better all the time.

Q.  Jabari, with all the state titles you won in high school, just dealing with a postseason loss, how does it feel and how will that kind of change your approach of going forward, knowing what this feeling is like?
JABARI PARKER:  Now, zero and zero, you got to move on.  I don't get a second chance anymore.  The point of emphasis has to come on me and Rodney.  We have to lead our team.  That's what it's going to take to win.
In the past, I lost city championships, but I changed my mentality to get a state championship.  I know it's going to be twice as hard.

Q.  Jabari, there were a couple of different points in the second half where it seemed like you were about to take the game over and they always had an answer, mostly in the person of Joe Harris.  What did you think of his performance and how did he respond to some of the things you did out there?
JABARI PARKER:  As a whole, UVA did a real good job in executing their offense.  They're a good team, a great team.  They should be really good coming into the tournament and I applaud them.  There are some things I could have done better out there.

Q.  Mike, you've spoken out about Harris in the past.  What do you see in Brogdon?  How much difference has he made for the team?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Brogdon's first team all league player.  He's steady, kind of unflappable, and so strong.  Strong mentally and obviously strong physically.  He and Harris are two kids that‑‑ they're two men.  They don't make many mistakes and you can count on them on every possession.
Those two and Mitchell give you three of the better players in the country on one team.

Q.  Mike, you've been pretty outspoken over the years about the respect that the ACC gets.  This is now three years in a row you've had three different teams, Florida State, Miami, and now Virginia have won this championship.  What do you think that will do, different teams other than Carolina and Duke winning this, maybe to broaden people's perspective and awareness of the league?
COACH KRZYZEWSKI:  Hasn't done anything yet.  Should I tell Roy the two of us should keep losing?  I don't think it comes from us.  I think it comes from all of you who cover our league to make sure that the league is given the respect that it deserves.
It's not up to the coaches.
MODERATOR:  Any other questions?  Thank you.

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