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March 15, 2014

Su-Wei Hsieh

Shuai Peng


7‑6, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Undefeated in finals.  Quite a statistic.  11 straight matches.  Any magic to it?
SHUAI PENG:  Well, we're really happy for the result, but we didn't think about it.  Every time we just try to, like, fight every point, and then in the match, you know, like we have to fight every point.  First set we were like down, you know, when we started.
It's really windy, and also, like really good doubles team.  Black has a lot of experience for the doubles and give us like a lot pressure.
Really happy to win again, yes.

Q.  A big fan of your joke about being shy, like your name.  You guys are now the No. 1 team, but you seem fairly shy, you know, in the spotlight.  Are you guys getting more comfortable being famous and being No. 1?  There is a lot of attention that comes with it.
SHUAI PENG:  Well, I think tennis actually like change my life and also change a lot my personality.  Because usually when young I was really shy girl, you know, afraid to speak.  Also like in the practice, I'm like nervous to‑‑ shy to practice from everybody, you know.
And then after, like, I have to like push myself, and sometimes inside I'm really, really nervous.  Then all of a sudden I have to be like, Oh, I'm okay (smiling).

Q.  How about you?
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  Huh?  What you ask?

Q.  If you feel shy sometimes being the No. 1 doubles team or if you like the attention and all these trophy ceremonies you have to do now?
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  Well, actually I don't really like to face to the people.  I don't really enjoy it.
You know, every tournament when you get into semifinal, final, we go on the big court or sometimes we go on the big practice court, we need to just pretend those people not there (smiling).
Or sometimes we play like some girl, like Sania in India, or somewhere.  The crowd, everything for her, so you just need to ignore like this.
So actually I think we are doing much better right now.

Q.  Is it easy to ignore it or hard?
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  It's quite difficult, but you just pretend you're watching other people on the court.

Q.  Li Na has to do it every single time, go to talk to press and play the big stadiums.  She said that she was happy that you were No. 1 because now all the attention is on you and not on her anymore.
SHUAI PENG:  No, she's still like her much more famous than me (smiling).

Q.  Do you want to be more famous than her?
SHUAI PENG:  You mean for...

Q.  Ore famous, do you want to be more famous than Li Na?
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  We cannot control this, but we try to enjoy our tennis life, tennis career, and have some fun in doubles and try hard in singles.

Q.  Do you change your expectations now that you are No. 1 and you're sort of at the top of the game coming into a tournament like this, or you just always want to play your best?
SHUAI PENG:  We are like No. 1 team, and then like people maybe like know our team more.  But for us, I think we still like, you know, feel same than before.
And then it's good a lot like for try to believe ourself more, get more confident in the court.  But, no, no like change.  Maybe get more motivation in the practice, you know, like more energy, want to keep going, maybe stay longer or win some more tournaments.

Q.  This is now your 11th title together.  How is it you two have been able to play off each other so well?
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  Well, because we know each other since very long, and then sometimes we not practice together.  Like Wimbledon we never practice together.
But every time we go on the court, we try, we try every point.  If she miss the point, I give her support.  When I miss the point she was supporting me and try to reach all the balls when I crossing and missing the balls.
It's very good we are supporting each other.  This is very important in doubles.

Q.  (Indiscernible.)
SU‑WEI HSEIH:  I think we not coming here for 11 record, whatever.  We just try for every match, try to win.  So we didn't think about the match or anything like that.
We just try every match.  When we get into the final we don't think, we just try every point.  This is the main key we win.

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