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March 15, 2014

Kenny Chery

Scott Drew

Brady Heslip


Iowa State テや 74
Baylor - 65

THE MODERATOR:テつ We're joined by Baylor Coach Scott Drew and student‑athletes Kenny Chery and Brady Heslip.テつ Coach?
COACH DREW:テつ I was really proud of our fight and our effort.テつ I thought the second half Iowa State, we didn't guard them as nearly as well we did the first half.テつ But let's credit them for‑‑ guarded or not, it's hard to shoot 70percent from 2, 100percent from 3, and 92 from the line.テつ So they deserve the win.テつ Coach Hoiberg has done a great job.テつ They've got a great team.テつ And as I told them before the game, hopefully I see them at the Final Four the next time.テつ So that's what we'll both work for.

Q. テつHow much did fatigue play a part in what happened in the last four or five minutes out there?
BRADY HESLIP:テつ I don't really think it was fatigue.テつ We're not going to make any excuses.テつ I mean, we fought hard to the end.テつ But they made some really big plays in the last three minutes and we weren't able to match them.テつ But credit to them.テつ But we weren't tired.テつ They just made some very tough plays and made some tough shots.
KENNY CHERY:テつ Just like Brady said.テつ We weren't fatigued.テつ They just executed what their coach told them.テつ And credit them, they executed well and they scored.

Q.テつ Brady, you mentioned the tough plays they made.テつ You hit a 3 there almost out of bounds and then Long comes down hits a 25 footer.テつ Is that one of the shots you were talking about, he was able to answer, you go up 2 and he gives them a shot to go up 1?
BRADY HESLIP:テつ That was a big shot.テつ We're scrambling around on defense, but sometimes if guys are making shots from that far out it's pretty difficult to guard.テつ So that was a great shot.

Q.テつ Was the crowd any effect whatsoever?テつ This was obviously a pro‑Iowa State crowd.
KENNY CHERY:テつ I feel like the crowd doesn't affect anything.テつ Probably the referees, but it doesn't affect what we did.
COACH DREW:テつ I didn't say that, by the way, he did.
KENNY CHERY:テつ It doesn't affect what we do as a basketball team.テつ We stayed together and we fought hard.

Q.テつ Brady, you guys as a team had four 3‑pointers in the early going finished with eight overall.テつ What did Iowa State do after that initial run that helped them kind of contain you from the perimeter, so to speak?
BRADY HESLIP:テつ Well, I mean, we just‑‑ we have smart players.テつ So we were just reading what was there.テつ And then after the first ten minutes at the first half, we started trying to exploit them on the inside with our bigs because they can make tough shots and they can make great passes because we know Iowa State doubles the post.テつ So, I mean, we were just mixing everything up to keep them off balance.テつ It wasn't that we just stopped shooting them.

Q.テつ How much do you think a game like tonight could possibly help you next week once tournament play starts?
KENNY CHERY:テつ It's going to help us a lot.テつ We're going to learn from it.テつ We're going to go back to what we've been doing, working hard, and moving forward.テつ Just thinking about the next one.

Q.テつ Brady, did you feel like it was defensive lapses in the second half or was it more their execution?
BRADY HESLIP:テつ I think it was a little bit of both.テつ From the last time we played them on Senior Night until now, the players have been doing different things.テつ So we have to adjust how we guard them.テつ So I think that just we didn't get as long to prepare for them.テつ And just credit them, they also made tough shots.テつ But we're doing our best.

Q.テつ Brady, you heard coach say at the beginning of the press conference he hopes to see Iowa State at the Final Four.テつ Do you think the team is hot?テつ Do you still think you can make a run, go deep into the NCAAs?
BRADY HESLIP:テつ Yeah, no question.テつ That's our plan.テつ That was the plan at the beginning of the year and it doesn't change.テつ We don't get to cut these nets down, but we're going to cut some down in Dallas.

Q.テつ How would you both feel Baylor being labeled as one of the most dangerous teams in the NCAA tournament?
KENNY CHERY:テつ It doesn't matter to us, we're just going to keep doing what we've been doing, which is keep pushing, working hard, and we're not going to let down.テつ We've been through a lot this year, we lost five straight, we never looked back to what happened.テつ And look at the position we are in today.テつ We get to play in an NCAA tournament.
BRADY HESLIP:テつ I think we've been confident in ourselves all year.テつ So we've had ups and downs.テつ We've been through it all.テつ We've been through more than probably any other team in our position has been and we wanted to win this championship.テつ But that's not going to affect how we approach the NCAA tournament.テつ We're still going to be the same team that we are.

Q.テつ We asked them already about the fatigue.テつ You guys were trying to win four games in four days, never been done in the Big 12 tournament.テつ Did fatigue have anything to do with that?
COACH DREW:テつ I think it was more what Iowa State did, they hit big shots, made big plays down the stretch.テつ I mean, if they don't hit those big shots, then maybe it's a different story.
So we definitely had enough energy to compete and win the game.テつ Credit them for winning it.

Q.テつ Kind of along those lines, that did not look like you all ran out of gas in any way, shape or form.テつ Do you feel good about that going forward?テつ Is what you all did accomplish here, it just comes down to just a couple of defensive lapses as you go forward?
COACH DREW:テつ Yes, definitely feel good with how we're playing, how we're competing with the team that we have, that we can compete with anybody.
At the same time, sometimes you're more disappointed the closer you get to winning the championship.テつ But our goal all year long, the main goal is the NCAA tournament.テつ And we have that in front of us.
So we don't have time to look back on this game at all and we need to focus, get better, get ready for the NCAA tournament.テつ But the worst thing we could do is dwell on this game and let that affect us for the NCAA tournament.

Q.テつ In the second half, Iowa State was able to get a couple of run‑outs where they weren't in the first half.テつ If it wasn't fatigue, what broke down there?
COACH DREW:テつ Well, it was turnovers.テつ So we took some bad shots, because the shot clock went down late.テつ So credit them for good defense.テつ We turned the ball over.テつ But I mean, Iowa State, one of the most dangerous teams in the country in transition.
And I mean you can't let Kane get out there and go, because when he does, he's going to finish with 17, 7 and 7.テつ Normally he finishes with more against us, so I'm glad he only has one year in the league, by the way.

Q.テつ Is too much being asked of the starters right now?テつ I know when Rico, Gary and TP, their normal rotation comes in, I'm not sure how much you're expecting them to really score, but is too much being asked of the starters right now?
COACH DREW:テつ No, I think our rotation's been good.テつ I think our bench has given us a good lift, good energy.テつ Today we shortened it a little bit more just because they had so many perimeter guys out there.テつ But we feel good with them, with our starters, with our bench.テつ This is a good team.テつ It's a fun team to be around.テつ That's why they've been able to stay together through adversity and we're excited to find out where we're playing tomorrow.

Q.テつ You're all zone defense to start with really had them messed up.テつ They missed 15 of their first 16 shots, but you could only get out to a 10‑point lead.テつ How big was that to maybe get a bigger advantage early?
COACH DREW:テつ I thought we gave up some opportunities where we could have extended the lead, got a bigger lead like against Oklahoma and Texas, we had bigger leads.テつ So when they made runs, we were still okay.テつ And, unfortunately, we didn't get a big enough lead with‑‑ with Iowa State, as quick as they score, I mean, there is no safe lead.テつ And that's why, again, the Big 12 is such a great conference.テつ You can be up 10 or down 10, it doesn't matter.テつ There's great players and they can score in great bunches.

Q.テつ Also, the fact a lot of people think the Iowa State can make a run in the Final Four, the fact you played them down to the last three minutes, does that enhance your guys' confidence and your confidence in your team's ability to make a run?
COACH DREW:テつ I thought coming into this tournament, every year I've been here, this is the most‑‑ I mean, you had in my mind more teams that could have won this tournament than ever before.テつ And I think you have more teams that can go to the Final Four from the Big 12 than ever before.

Q.テつ I don't think we've seen Cory struggle in a game all year long like we saw today.テつ What did they do today defensively that limited him?
COACH DREW:テつ I thought their double team was effective.テつ They did a good job getting the ball out of his hands.テつ And I know we had looks that we missed, too.テつ And just like at the beginning of the game, I think Iowa State missed some pretty good looks.
And that's what's tough about coaching, you might have good defense and a guy hits a 25‑foot shot and you have a guy wide open and he misses it.
So you want to be there and contest as much as you can.テつ And I think with Cory, they made a lot of the shots difficult and he never could get in a rhythm.テつ Then, when he did have a couple of good looks, they weren't falling.

Q.テつ After this kind of grind, and I know the tournament's coming up, but do you try to give them a day or two off?
COACH DREW:テつ I need a day off (laughter).テつ Definitely get some rest.

Q.テつ How do you do that in the next week?
COACH DREW:テつ Depends on what day we play, when we leave, but definitely they've deserved a day off.テつ And that's the only‑‑ the best thing about the Big 12 tournament, it prepares you for the NCAA tournament.
And the only downside would be if you, like us, if you play an earlier game, if we would play on Friday, we'd prefer that.テつ If you want to get that done with the Selection Committee, us and Iowa State.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, Coach.

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