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March 15, 2014

Robert Garrigus


PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Robert, you got a 1 shot lead going into tomorrow's final round.テつ Just couple thoughts about the day.
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ You know, got off to a really good start except for the tee shot on 1, I almost hit it out of bounds.テつ Got lucky, hit a tree, came back in.
Made some good putts on 1 and 2.テつ Thought I made -- thought I made the one on 4 and up and down on 5 was silly.テつ It was off the pine straw and downhill and running away from me and ended up getting that ball up and down.テつ That was pretty nice to get that one up and down.
But, you know, I was hitting it really well and then on the backside I kind of flinched on a putt on 13 or something.テつ The putt on 10 and 11 -- it was 12.テつ On 10 and 11 hit really good putts, too much break and I didn't start that putt ball on 12 where I wanted to, kind of putted it.テつ Did the same thing on 18 but I held my own today.テつ Made a really huge putt on 14.テつ Kind of kept my momentum going and kept my head in it.
Just didn't make any birdies coming down the stretch there but I really wasn't trying to hang on, just wasn't making good swings but, you know, it was a good day.テつ I had fun with Kevin.テつ You know, it was a lot of fun out there.テつ I hope to do the same thing tomorrow.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Okay.テつ Just raise your hands for questions.

Q.テつ How about the putt on 12 when you said you flinched?テつ Did it affect you the rest of the way?テつ You also made a nice one on 14, did you not?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Yeah.テつ Yeah.テつ Kind of made me a little more tentative the rest of the day.テつ That happens to everybody.テつ I've seen it a hundred times.テつ When you miss one of those short ones you don't give that birdie putt from 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 feet, you don't give it a run like you normally do.
That kind of affected the way I was putting the rest of the day.テつ It seemed like every single putt I had was downhill after that, too.テつ I was a little tentative but, you know, I missed that short one on 18.テつ I didn't play enough break.テつ I had it just outside right center.テつ I probably could have played it outside right edge.テつ It was unfortunate to finish like that but I still got the lead and I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

Q.テつ Does it affect you at all when your group is put on the clock or are you used to it?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ I'm not used to being put on the clock.テつ I'm not used to getting bad time.

Q.テつ Did you get a bad time?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Yes, on 14, the par 5.テつ They give me a bad time because I walked up to the green, walked back, got my yardage, figured out my lie and by that time he said it was bad time.テつ That's the first time in nine years -- actually the first time in 17 years as a professional I've ever got a bad time on the golf course.

Q.テつ Congratulations.
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ I started laughing.テつ I looked at him like, "I'm going to have words with you after", just messing around with him.テつ He knew what I was talking about.テつ It didn't really matter.テつ I'm not going to get another one.テつ It's not a big deal.

Q. テつWas it slow out there?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ At times.テつ Pat Perez lost the ball on 3 or whatever it was.テつ He had to come back and then they took off.テつ When Pat is playing bad he takes about four seconds to hit each shot.テつ It's kind of unfair.
We were a couple holes behind but we played in 4 hour and 15 minutes or 4-something.テつ It wasn't that bad.テつ I've played a lot slower in two-somes before.
Kevin has gotten a lot faster.テつ Couple holes where I flinched over and swung over the ball, whatever.テつ That's his deal.テつ He's gotten a lot better.

Q.テつ How so do you think he's gotten better?テつ Different routine or --
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Seems like he's changed the routine a little bit.テつ He takes a little bit of time on the greens but who wouldn't?テつ You're playing for a million dollars and all kinds of fun stuff.テつ You got to take your time a little bit but some people take it, you know, a little too far.
It's all about being ready to hit when it's your turn.テつ Some people don't do that.テつ Like they get up -- they're always first to hit.テつ I don't know what that's like.テつ I'm not first to hit a lot because I've always got my yardage and got my club before the guy is even ready to hit behind me.
You know, he's changed a little bit.テつ It's nice to see.テつ I guess it looked like we were playing slow but it wasn't too bad.

Q.テつ Your caddy said he felt you got out of your rhythm.テつ Did you feel that way yourself?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ Maybe a little bit.テつ Not too much.テつ When the guy is timing you and you know you got a difficult shot and you have to take a lot of time, I think that's a little unfair, obviously, but it's not that big a deal.テつ Like I said, I'm not going to get another one.テつ I kind of got a little -- lost a little energy there on 12, 13, 14, made a bad swing on the par 5, broke my streak.テつ I was kind of upset about that.テつ Ten in a row.
That was a lot of fun.テつ But I missed that putt on 11 and now it's like, well, the streak is over, time to start a new one.テつ I did get a little bit out of rhythm.テつ Didn't bother me that much.

Q.テつ What happened on 14?テつ What led to you having 15 feet for par?
ROBERT GARRIGUS:テつ My tee shot went left.テつ I went for the green.テつ I had a pretty simple shot out of the rough, bullet 3-wood up the right.テつ Hit the right corner of that short tree and kicked back into the right into this five inch crab grass.
If it misses that's tree, I hit it to about five feet, because it bounces off that hill, rolls all the way down.テつ I would have had an eagle putt.テつ That was a little unfortunate.テつ I got a bad break for the first time all week.テつ Wasn't too upset about it.テつ

Then I hit it out of that crab grass short of the green.テつ It was a foot above my feet.テつ I kind of had to choke up on something and try to punch it.テつ It came out short.テつ Then my putt I thought was uphill and when I got back across the backside of the hole it was downhill.
I already got a bad time.テつ I really didn't look at the putt that much.テつ Then I hit that, hit it shoot, what's 13, 14, maybe longer, maybe 15 feet.テつ I poured that right in the middle.テつ It was perfect speed.テつ That was a really, really good putt, probably the best putt of the week so far.
Now it's nice to get that one in and make good swings coming in, hit the fairway and the green on 16.テつ Hit the green on 17.テつ Just blocked it a little on 18.テつ Flipped my 9-iron.テつ I was trying to keep it from going down in that little swale down there to the right.テつ Had a pretty simple chip.テつ Ran about three, four feet by.
Didn't start where I wanted to but it's golf.テつ Had a lot of fun out there.テつ I'm in a good position.テつ If I play well tomorrow and shoot under par they're going to have to come get me.テつ That's what I plan on doing.テつ I can't sit there and make pars and expect to win the golf tournament.テつ I'm looking forward to tomorrow.
PHIL STAMBAUGH:テつ Okay.テつ Anything else for Robert?テつ Good luck tomorrow.

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