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March 14, 2014

Na Li


7‑6, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  What's your reaction immediately after that match?
NA LI:  I don't think I was play bad.  I think it was pretty high level match.  Yeah, maybe some, how do you say, point I was feeling I still have chance.  More important point I got double fault.
So, yeah, but I, how do you say, lose the match a little bit sad, but I still can see a lot positive way.  At least, I mean I like the way I hit the ball now on court.

Q.  A lot of errors, over 50 unforced on your side.  Did it feel like that?  You said it was a high quality match.
NA LI:¬† Yeah.¬† I think today's match different from Australia.¬† Australia I play even more aggressive.¬† I give, how do you say‑‑ I put a lot of pressure for her.
But today I think she save, I don't know, so many times.¬† She's play back to my‑‑ the ball back to my court.
Yeah.  Nothing to say.  This is lose.

Q.  You seem not devastated.  You're keeping this in pretty good perspective.
NA LI:  You cannot say only lose the one match so everything was bad, but I was feeling, how do you say, honestly I feeling pretty good.
No, I mean, tennis is the match, you know.  Everyone has the chance to win the match, everyone has the chance to lose the match, depending who's play better on court.
Only can say is today she played better than me.

Q.  Did you tell your husband to leave?
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Why?
NA LI:  I mean, because we have a little bit problem already in the warming up.  Yeah.  He try to push me down (smiling).

Q.  Verbally, like with something he said or...
NA LI:  Yeah.  So I was talk to him after warming up, but he didn't listen.  So I was like, Okay, leave the court, otherwise I don't see you.

Q.  Have you done that before, told him to leave?
NA LI:  Yeah, yeah.

Q.  You played better after that.  You won the next game.
NA LI:  Yeah, so I should do next time, right (smiling)?

Q.  You're feeling pretty positive going into Miami?
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Still, even with the loss?
NA LI:  I mean, is not bad.  How do you say, I'm not lose the first match.  At least I have couple match in Indian Wells.  And also is not bad in semis.  Also, I'm not lose to bad player.  She play well.
So, yeah, nothing to worry about.  Still have couple thing can improve, so I still have couple days to prepare for the next tournament.

Q.  What do you like about Flavia?  Because even at the handshake you had a pretty big smile.
NA LI:  Yeah.  You know, she only one day older than me.  You know, it's not easy over 30 still play on the tour.
Before the match, we know first meeting we have 15 years ago, so it was like huge long history.  You never know after 15 years you still can play same opponent in high, big tournament.
So, you know, even now so many young player come to the tour, is tough to see over 30 years old still play on it tour.

Q.  Do you remember that match?
NA LI:  No.  I think both, was like, Really?  We thought we play like only this couple years, but they say we play 17 years old.  Even like juniors we already against each other (smiling).

Q.  What's happened with the serve with all the double faults?
NA LI:  I mean, everyone will make double fault.  Even I make double I still feeling I improve my serve.
So of course if I want change something, you cannot change for one or two days.  You need time to, how do you say, organize everything.  Yeah.
So I think I was feeling better and better.  Should be okay in next tournament or tournament after.  Yeah.

Q.  Made semifinals here; this is the first time you're being a top seed at a tournament.  Overall, pretty happy with how you handled it, do you think?
NA LI:  Of course everyone want to win the tournament, but I already try the best.  Nothing to say.  Also, I cannot do anymore.
So just, you know, already done in here; just looking forward for Miami.

Q.  Are you making some technical changes to your serve right now?
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  What are you doing?
NA LI:  The legs.  How do you say, before it was like straight legs and bit bend in legs and jump.  Now it's straight all the time jump.  A little bit change.

Q.  For power or for shape, for spin?
NA LI:  Both.  You can see make a lot of double faults, makes a lot of spin.

Q.  Have you had to accept that?  When Carlos told you he wants to work on your serve that, okay, you're going to maybe miss more?
NA LI:  Yeah, because we make a deal after Doha back to Beijing.  I was training two weeks already with him in Beijing and then come to here.  Of course, in the first tournament, if I practice of course much better, but come to the tournament or come to the match even got nervous or something, for sure make mistake, but still has a lot of positive way.

Q.  What would it mean to you overtake Serena for the No. 1 spot?
NA LI:¬† I still have the long way to go.¬† It's the goal for me, but I cannot give‑‑ put a lot of pressure for myself.
So of course I will try the best for every tournament.  Yeah, you know, the rankings mean, how do you say, what you do well in past.  We always have looking forward.

Q.  But it must feel good that at No. 2 you've made the space bigger between 2 and 3.
NA LI:  How much bigger (smiling)?

Q.  You had no points to defend.  But you're picking up good points here because you couldn't play here last year, so that's a bonus, as well.
NA LI:  Yeah.  I mean, it is bonus for me.  I think this, like I say before tournament start, is good chance to pick up the point.

Q.  Is it different playing Indian Wells and Miami?  Because normally when you have Premier big events they lead up to a slam on that surface, right?  So you played on clay and then you played French Open; grass, Wimbledon.  Is it weird because these two are very big tournaments but we're not playing a hard court slam, you know, in two months?  Does it feel different than like playing Rome or Madrid?
NA LI:  I think pretty similar like Madrid, Rome.  Also two big tournament always follow.  Nothing between.
So for me is nothing like have to worry or nothing special.  I just follow the schedule.  You know, getting old, you should be smart.  You make your schedule for yourself.

Q.  Does it feel different having a tournament where Serena is not there?
NA LI:  I didn't think about that.

Q.  No?
NA LI:  Yeah.

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