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March 14, 2014

Kevin Na


Q.   Kevin, great playing out there.  Bogey-free again today, and including dramatics there at the 9th.
Just talk about this round and getting in here at 4-under for the first 36 holes.
KEVIN NA:  I played very solidly today.  Yesterday was tough condition.  Was much easier today.  I drove it well off the tee and my misses were playable just like around the green on like 9.  You know, I made a lot of good par putts.  I think the longest putt I made in two days was a 9-footer, my second putt.
So, you know, I haven't made too many birdie putts but I'm making the par putts and it was nice to finally get one in from little bit outside of ten feet.

Q.  Let's talk about what happened at 9.  You had come so close to making birdie two, three times coming in and then you end up with a chip shot that goes in.
KEVIN NA:  Yeah.  It's kind of weird how it works out.  You hit a lot of good putts that don't go in, you try to make a putt, and then when you least expect it you have a little chip-in.

Q.  You are the only player in the field without a bogey through two rounds.  How have you done that so far?
KEVIN NA:  Well, you know, hopefully I can keep it up, knock on wood.  My misses were playable and I've been chipping the ball very well.  Getting it three, four feet.  I've been making those.  Hopefully I can keep my bad shots in play and my good shots close.

Q.  Can you just talk about what was the key?  What were you doing well today?
KEVIN NA:  Got to stay patient out here.  It's a tough golf course.  Par is a good score and sometimes just can't get too aggressive off the tee.

Q.  Talking about birdie chances that didn't go in.
KEVIN NA:  It wasn't like I was missing four, five footers.  It was, you know, 15-footers.  I hit a lot of good putts that burned the edges.  I gave myself a lot of chances out there that I really didn't make.
I had three birdies.  Two putt off the fringe on 1.  Par 5 14th, just off the green chipped up to about four and a half feet, five feet, made birdie there and that chip-in.
So, footage-wise I haven't made a lot of putts but I feel like I'm stroking it well which is good and hitting the ball well, too.

Q.  When you got 10, 15-footers, does that get frustrating?
KEVIN NA:  It can.  But, at the same time, you're like well, hit it closer (laughter).  I mean you got to be honest with yourself.  It's hard to hit a lot of close shots out here.  Got to stay patient.

Q.  As tough as it's been to score these last two days, does it give you confidence coming into the weekend that you have been able to survive this weather?
KEVIN NA:  I had the bad draw, basically, yesterday morning and I'm right up there.  So, it shows you that I'm playing well so I can keep it up.

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