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March 13, 2014

Pat Perez


Q.テつテつ Pat, 3-under today.テつ Got to be pleased.テつ How satisfied are you?
PAT PEREZ:テつ Quite.テつ I didn't play a whole lot.テつ I took three weeks off after the West Coast.テつ Didn't do a whole lot.テつ I did some work with a Joe Mayo from out in Scottsdale, did a little work there.
This course is hard.テつ You got to be in position out there.テつ I got a little rust early.テつ I got it around.テつ I'll really happy with 3-under after not practicing much.

Q.テつ This morning the guys really had it cold, windy, it was awful.テつ How would you access how difficult it played this afternoon center?
PAT PEREZ:テつ Without the cold it was still pretty windy.テつ It played tough.テつ The wind is still blowing out.テつ There obviously it's not cold.テつ Thankfully we're in the afternoon.テつ You know, this course is just tough anyway.テつ It was pretty hard.

Q.テつ Sometimes it happens a good side of the draw, bad side.テつ Do you think so far through one round you're on the good side of the draw?
PAT PEREZ:テつ Yeah, you have to think so.テつ I think there were a couple 2-unders this morning.テつ Definitely the guys that teed off at 7:40, 7:50, they had probably the hardest of what we're going to see this week.テつ I think so far we got the good side.

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