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March 13, 2014

Gary Woodland


Q.テつ Gary, not necessarily what you consider 1-over a good round on a PGA TOUR event but how pleased are you, with all things considered?
GARY WOODLAND:テつ A little frustrated.テつ I played a lot better than I scored today.テつ Bogeyed the last two was a little frustrating.テつ I didn't birdie a par 5, either.テつ Otherwise that I played pretty well, controlled the ball really good.
Gave myself a lot of chances.テつ Didn't get anything coming in but, all in all, not too bad and hope to go out and have a good weekend.

Q.テつ This golf course is tough enough.テつ How difficult was it this morning, cold and windy and everything?
GARY WOODLAND:テつ It was every bit as one of the coldest days I've seen this year.テつ It was blowing.テつ The greens are fast.テつ The golf course was in great shape.
So, the wind the way it is, it was definitely tough.テつ I would have been really pleased with under par today.テつ Bogeying the last two, is a little frustrating.

Q.テつ What is the biggest adjustment you make?テつ Is patience the most important thing?
GARY WOODLAND:テつ The key this morning was trying to stay warm.テつ I didn't know I had enough clothes today.テつ The cold and the wind was eating through the sweater.テつ All in all you got to stay patient.テつ People are going to make bogies.テつ It was playing really tough, especially early.テつ It was definitely tough this morning.テつ The sun helps a little bit.

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