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March 13, 2014

Danny Lee


Q.テつ Seemed like you carried over your Puerto Rico play.テつ Talk about the round today.
DANNY LEE:テつ Yeah.テつ Obviously I gained a lot of confidence after last week playing with the finish in Puerto Rico, it really helped me a lot with that confidence stuff and I'm hitting it really well right now.
My ball striking is the best it's ever been, especially with putting.テつ I got the new claw grip, still working great which is fantastic and --

Q.テつ When did you start that?
DANNY LEE:テつ Couple weeks ago, yeah.テつ Just put it up to the green and swing the putter with the claw grip.テつ It always rolls where I want it to stop and distance control is fantastic right now which is good, so --

Q.テつ Talk about the conditions and obviously that's the big story of the day today.
DANNY LEE:テつ Puerto Rico and here is totally different golf course.テつ I never played this course before so this week, Tuesday, I was playing practice round and I was -- I think I shot about 90 over here.
It was so hard.テつ I was shocked how hard it was and actually I think today, afternoon guys got a lot of advantage from the wind and the conditions and stuff.テつ Sounds like in the morning group got the bad weather coming through and they played kind of social, I guess.
It's a tough golf course.テつ It doesn't -- without the wind I mean -- wind and the cold weather, even we're playing in nice weather, it's a very tough golf course.

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