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March 13, 2014

Ben Crane


Q.テつテつ Out there today, big topic so far for the guys coming in the conditions earlier this morning and how cold it was with the wind.
How did you find it and how did you deal with it?
BEN CRANE:テつ I found it four layers deep on my body.テつ Just had a beanie and I should have brought my mittens, that's how cold it was.テつ You don't expect that in Florida.
So, when I packed those things I was like, "Oh I'm not going to need this."テつ You never know.テつ So, it was extremely cold.
The tee shot on the 5th hole is downhill, par 5.テつ Normally you're reaching it with a hybrid or something.テつ Lacing a driver about 225 out there.
So, it was cold and into the wind.テつ It was an awakening to a tough day of golf and I played well all day.テつ I did a good job of getting the ball up and down from some funky spots.テつ That kind of kept my round going.テつ All in all, were excited about the way I'm playing.

Q.テつ Got to the Snake Pit and parred the par 3 15th, birdied 16 and then gave one back at 17.テつ Just talk about that stretch of holes which obviously is very demanding.
BEN CRANE:テつ Yeah.テつ Golf is a funny game and the best hole I played in that stretch was the 17th hole where I made bogey but I played that stretch very well and, you know, that's a place where you can lose ground or make up some ground and that's where the tournament will be won and lost in that stretch there, and it's a great stretch of golf.
Got to hit some really quality shots.テつ This course is that way.テつ If you're not hitting quality shots, especially in the wind, you're not going to make progress.テつ I was able to do that today and yeah, I'm playing great.

Q.テつ You did make progress.テつ You got under par for Round 1.テつ Well done.テつ Thank you.
BEN CRANE:テつ Okay.

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