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March 13, 2014

J.B. Holmes


Q.テつテつ Take 71 the way the wind was blowing today.
J.B. HOLMES:テつ Yeah.テつ It was howling.テつ Definitely tough to get out there.テつ The grass around the greens here, it's rough.テつ But it seems like around the green it's real thick so it makes it difficult chipping if you miss the green.
It's a good golf course.テつ In between the trees the wind swirls a lot.テつ It's difficult out there.テつ Definitely happy to get a good round in.

Q.テつ Talking to Brandon a little bit while you were in scoring about how you treat the wind, you never know what it's actually going to do once you get it up in the air.
How do you play it in terms of you looking at where to try and miss or try to play exactly a number?テつ How do you play a wind like this swirling up in the trees?
J.B. HOLMES:テつ You know, the most you can with the iron shots and stuff, try to especially keep it below it if you can, but I just -- you can't be as aggressive.
You have to be playing more to the middle of the greens and just be cautious of that, make sure you stay short of the hole.テつ It's really bad long you don't really fool with it.
Sometimes maybe missing short and chipping it, easier than hitting past the hole.テつ Makes it a little harder to make birdie, to get it close to the hole.テつ Basically out here try to do that.

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