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March 12, 2014

Andy Murray


M. RAONIC/A. Murray
4‑6, 7‑5, 6‑3

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Having got yourself into a pretty good position in the third set.テつ Breaking serve is obviously a very tricky punishment.テつ What was your reading of how it kind of dribbled away at the end there?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ No, it was poor.テつ I mean, to get broken two consecutive times in that situation isn't good enough.テつ I mean, I played poor tennis at that stage.テつ I didn't make enough balls; missed easy shots.
But like really easy shots, not like, you know, ones that are just, you know, deep balls where you're just trying to get it back into play.テつ There were some where he was standing in the net, you know, and I just had to hit it to the other side.テつ Missing shots like that.
You know, tough to win matches like that, because against him, he obviously wins a lot of free points with his serve.テつ So over the course of the set, if you give up enough unforced errors on basic shots, then with the amount of free points he gets on his serve, that's going to add up to a negative result.
So disappointing.

Q.テつ What do you put that down to?テつ Just a bad day at the office?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I don't know.テつ I don't know.テつ It wasn't like I was doing it the whole match.テつ I was playing decent.テつ Well, I mean, both of us didn't exactly have loads of opportunities on the other's serve until that middle part of the third set, so that's probably down to confidence.
Because, you know, there is no other reason for missing shots like that, basic tennis shots that I would hope to make 99 times out of 100.

Q.テつ So are you feeling a little low on confidence then?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, what did I just say?テつ I mean, that's probably what it comes down to missing shots like that, yeah.テつ It's going to come down to confidence.
There's no other explanation for missing those shots, I don't think.

Q.テつ Is that because of maybe the matches you have lost this year or just the process of coming back?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I haven't lost bad matches this year.テつ I lost to Roger Federer in Australia who's pretty good, you know.
Cilic is playing unbelievable tennis this year.
And the Dimitrov match was ‑‑I mean, that could have really gone either way, I think.テつ It wasn't like it was a bad match.
So, you know, I haven't lost bad matches this year.テつ Couple of them were close, but today, the third set was just a bad, bad set of tennis.テつ That's what's disappointing for me, because the rest of the match was okay.

Q.テつ You're coming back in a situation like this and you're playing matches ‑ everyone has lulls ‑ is it that the lulls are a little bit longer because you haven't sort of all the matches and confidence that you needed, or do you feel like you just haven't sort of hit your top form yet?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I don't know exactly.テつ I don't know exactly why it is.テつ It shouldn't really be anything down to not playing enough matches.テつ I feel like I've played enough.
You know, like right now I'm not pulling up after matches like that stiff or sore or anything like that.テつ So I think I'm match fit, match tight.テつ Maybe I'm making some bad decisions in those situations.
But I'll need to have a think about it and have a look at what happened.テつ But, you know, there wasn't a huge explanation for it, because the shots I was missing, like I say, it wasn't like one shot in particular when I'd miss every shot.テつ First‑serve percentage dropped; missed a lot of backhands; missed a few easy forehand passes, as well.
So all of the shots kind of deserted me a bit.

Q.テつ What do you think it is about this place that's made it a lot tougher for you than the other big North American hard court events?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ I don't know.テつ I mean, I have lost a few close matches, you know, like today's one; last year against Del Potro in three sets.テつ You know, I played not bad here at the beginning of my career.
But, yeah, I'm not sure.テつ I have lost some close ones, a lot of the times against big guys with big serves, big games:テつ Soderling, Del Potro, Raonic.
I don't know.テつ Maybe it's, you know, when they're winning a lot of free points on their serve.テつ Yeah, I just maybe always struggle to control the ball a little bit here possibly.

Q.テつ You sound a little bit concerned.テつ I don't know.テつ I may be reading you wrong.テつ You have talked about the process of coming back from the injury.テつ Do you feel like today was something different?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, the third set was‑‑ yeah, that's concerning for me.テつ The rest of the matches I have played since I have come back haven't been particularly concerned about them.
Like I said, Australia was good; Davis Cup was good; Acapulco was good.テつ Yeah, today was fine until I went ahead in the third set, and then I was poor.テつ Wasn't good enough.

Q.テつ Are you quite glad now that the next tournament you have is a place you know so well?テつ You're familiar with the conditions.テつ You have your own place there.テつ Are you quite glad that that's the next tournament you go to?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Right now I'm just disappointed because we only finished the match like 20, 30 minutes ago.テつ I would hope‑‑ you know, in most matches like that, you know, I would be hoping I'd do a better job of closing matches out.
Today was, you know, nowhere near good enough when I went ahead.テつ Yeah, I mean, obviously Miami is a place I know well and train a lot there.テつ But, yeah, next few days I have to think about a few things, and hopefully play well in Miami, which I have done quite a few times in the past.

Q.テつ Did you feel like you played well in this tournament overall, or did you feel like it was kind of patchy from start to finish?
ANDY MURRAY:テつ Well, it was clearly patchy, but that's often been the case here.
I mean, the most important thing is to get yourself in winning positions, you know, even when you are playing patchy tennis.テつ I did that in all of the matches.
But today I was just really disappointed with how the last 15 minutes of the match went.テつ That was really, really poor.
Acapulco was the same.テつ My matches have been a little bit patchy over the past few weeks.
Australia wasn't really the case.
But, yeah, last few weeks that's been a bit of an issue, so I will need to try and start matches a little bit better, you know, be a little bit more intense throughout the whole match, and not give up so many free points.

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