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March 12, 2014

Scott Drew

Cory Jefferson

Royce O'Neale


Baylor テや 76
TCU - 68

THE MODERATOR:テつ We're joined by Baylor University Head Coach Scott Drew and his two student‑athletes Royce O'Neale and Cory Jefferson.テつ Coach, your thoughts on tonight's game.
COACH DREW:テつ Happy with the win.テつ Disappointed with how we defended from the last five minutes of the first half through the second half.
We weren't nearly as good as we've been nor need to be.テつ But at the end of the day we got the win, which is important.テつ Our offense, nine turnovers at half was way too many, but four in the second half was much better.
Rebounding‑wise, first two times played TCU, we did a great job limiting them to second chance points.テつ Tonight they had 18, which is way too many.
So really credit to TCU.テつ I thought they had a great game plan, played hard, competed.
I think our guys are happy with the win, but know that we have to play better and look forward to having that opportunity tomorrow.

Q.テつ Scott, your thoughts on number 200, that's a nice round number for you?
COACH DREW:テつ Again, excited for the win, any win in the Big 12 is a great one.テつ As far as 200, it just says that I'm getting older.

Q.テつ They got to six or seven, I can't remember exactly which in the second half, and then Prince went on that tear.テつ I think he had eight straight points on two 3‑point plays and another inside.テつ Can you talk about the lift he gave you guys?
COACH DREW:テつ I think TCU is scoring bunches and he's done that this year, giving us spurts, and it was good to see him tonight do the same.

Q.テつ Did that give you guys a lift?
COACH DREW:テつ No question.テつ It was‑‑ I don't know if that mic is working, so can you hear me better now?
CORY JEFFERSON:テつ Definitely gave us a lift.テつ He's always the player to come in give us energy on the court, hustle player.テつ And like you said, he scored in spurts and that's what the team needs, and he brings that.

Q.テつ Royce, you guys came out with a lot of energy, got up 15‑3, did you feel like there was a lapse after that, or was that more TCU?
ROYCE O'NEALE:テつ I think probably both ways.テつ We kind of stopped getting deflections on defense, but they also played hard because we knew they were going to play hard from the beginning.テつ So credit to TCU for staying in the game.

Q.テつ Cory, Oklahoma is up next for you guys, you played them twice this year, probably should have beat them in the first matchup at home.テつ Can you talk a little bit about them and what it's going to take to beat them tomorrow?
CORY JEFFERSON:テつ It's just going to be another Big 12 battle.テつ Both teams are going to be ready.テつ Like you said, they've got us both times.テつ It was a close one at our house.テつ So we're going to come out tomorrow, try to get a win.テつ They're going to be ready to play us.テつ Obviously they don't want to lose.テつ So it's just going to be a good game.

Q.テつ Cory, early in the game you guys were kind of pounding it inside.テつ Did they do anything to take that away or did you feel like you went away from that at all?
CORY JEFFERSON:テつ No.テつ We just‑‑ once you go inside, it opens up the outside.テつ And we went inside the first half, and the outside opened up in the second half.

Q.テつ Scott, I was asking them about it, you guys came out with a lot of energy right at the start.テつ Did you feel like it kind of lapsed a little bit after that?
COACH DREW:テつ And I thought I rotated a little bit more than I've been doing in the last couple of games.テつ And sometimes it's the worst thing, when you get out to a lead, and we've played two games against TCU, done very well.
And credit them.テつ I thought they really made big shots, a lot of late shot clock baskets.テつ And then we had opportunities to get some rebounds that they made great hustle plays and came up with them or we didn't secure them.テつ We'll have to watch film and see why we didn't get more of those rebounds that were critical to extend the lead.

Q.テつ To have the advantage you did, rebounding and points in the paint, a little bit disconcerting to still have the thin margin of victory when you see some of those stats?
COACH DREW:テつ No, actually, we were ‑‑ the first two games we played them, we were better in both of those areas.テつ So that's what we do.
The 13 turnovers, we've been better lately.テつ Thirteen is more than we've had.テつ And nine in the first half, that hurt us because we shot 52percent.テつ And when you're getting offensive rebounds and shooting well, you gotta get shots up.テつ So that number hurt us.
And then the other thing, I thought we didn't shoot the 3 as well as we've been shooting it, 30percent.テつ We had some looks that we've been making and we didn't make.

Q.テつ Did you consciously extend your rotation tonight, knowing what you've got during the rest of the tournament?
COACH DREW:テつ Well, I think wanting to keep guys fresh for today's game, and you also do think big picture.テつ But I thought in the first two games, when we had gone to the bench, we had extended the lead.テつ And I thought tonight it slowed the momentum down.
So, again, credit them for really playing well and us not defending as well, getting stops, getting rebounds and doing what we did the first two times we faced them.テつ And I was saying that based on the last few games we played the rotation, I hadn't subbed as much, as quick.

Q.テつ Are you going to have to shoot the 3 better to be able to move forward in this tournament?
COACH DREW:テつ I think the first thing we've gotta do is defend a lot better.テつ So that's the easiest thing.テつ We gave up 54percent in the second half.テつ That gets you sent home in a hurry.テつ So that's the number one thing we have to do.テつ And then shooting, we can‑‑ you win games shooting 30percent from 3.テつ You can't win not defending.

Q.テつ As disappointed as you might act like you are now about the performance, compare this to how you felt last year when you lost on that 3‑point, didn't go down, and just how different a year makes?
COACH DREW:テつ I thought I was positive.テつ I like your attitude.テつ You can ask as many questions as you want tonight.
But definitely, you know what, any win in the Big 12, we understand what a great league it is.テつ To win and advance in the Big 12 tournament is something that I know these players remember a lifetime.テつ So most important part is to survive and advance.テつ We did that tonight.テつ Thank you.

Q.テつ Despite kind of the second half sluggish performance, do you think maybe it's kind of a good thing that the team had to play a game like this to kind of maybe wake them up for the rest of the tournament?
COACH DREW:テつ I'll let you know after tomorrow.

Q.テつ I know it's just right after this one, but can you talk about the OU matchup, you guys have faced them two times, playing them again for a third time?
COACH DREW:テつ Well, the last time we faced them, they might have had 13 3s by halftime.テつ So we're going to have to do a much better job stopping their 3s.
And after that, then making sure‑‑ offensively, we were pretty good in the second game, but defensively in the two losses the first half we were great at our place, the second half they got hot again from 3.テつ So maybe we'll have to play more man tomorrow.テつ We'll figure that out tonight.
THE MODERATOR:テつ Thank you, Coach.

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