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March 11, 2014

Eugenie Bouchard


S. HALEP/E. Bouchard
6‑2, 1‑6, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Would you like to have back that forehand in the last game, 30‑15?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, for sure.テつ You know, I think I was setting the point up well, and there was just a few times I missed kind of the finishing shot.
So there were two shots in the last game:テつ The swing volley and then the forehand after that.テつ I think before that shot I did a great job, and I just have to finish the point.テつ She gets a lot of balls back and puts pressure on her opponent by running back that extra ball and getting it back.
Next time I'm going to move my feet a little more and hit a better shot.

Q.テつ Looked like you started very slow.テつ Is it something that you didn't warm up enough or something?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, I mean, there was no problem or anything.テつ I warmed up great, so I don't know.テつ I kind of got out there and just wasn't‑‑ my coach was telling me to just be bit more intense and move my feet more and get into the match and be ready to fight on every point.
I didn't do that at the beginning which is disappointing to start like that.テつ At least I was able turn it around and not let the whole match go by.テつ I'm proud I was able to get in the match and fight and play better.

Q.テつ What is the animal?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ It's a monkey, actually.テつ I did the Google+ Hangout thing yesterday and they asked which animal I want.テつ I said my favorite animal is a monkey and I never got a monkey.テつ They listened.テつ Even though I lost, I appreciate my monkey.

Q.テつ What's the takeaway from this experience, from being here and doing so much better than you have last year?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, for sure it's a good step up from last year.テつ I think I've improved since Australia.テつ I feel like I'm playing at a better level.テつ On the court as well I feel good mentally.
It's just never a straight road to the top.テつ It's just a learning experience.テつ I'm going to have a good few days of practice before Miami.

Q.テつ You were really serving well, especially the early part of the third set.テつ It was like Raonic for a while there.テつ If you could have got a couple serves at 30‑All at 4‑3 maybe it could've been over.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, I think it was a good thing that my serve got better as the match went on.テつ I didn't start so great, so I'm happy I was I able to serve better in the third set.
Yeah, I had a few kind of easy holds in the third and a few tough battler as well.テつ You know, I like to say that it's my favorite shot.テつ When it's working, I think it works really well.
Yeah, I mean, of course if I could have done a few more first serves it would have helped.テつ In the rally it was just about battling and going for my shots and maybe not hesitating to come in because I knew she would get a lot of balls back.テつ I think I maybe hesitated a bit too much; didn't take my chances.

Q.テつ What was she like compared to you expected her to be like?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ She was very, very solid.テつ You know, I expected a good player, of course, but I think she has a really good defense.テつ I think that's something that is a weapon of hers.
So really puts pressure on her opponent‑‑ you know, on me todayto finish the point.テつ She really puts pressure that way.
Yeah, I mean, she has a lot of experience, she's won a lot of titles, so she's been there in that third set battling.テつ She was a break down and she came up with some great tennis.テつ Even at 4‑All she played a really good game.
It's not only my fault; she did play well.

Q.テつ What happens now?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Maybe I get a day off.テつ I don't know if I deserve one, but I'll take a day off and practice.テつ Go back to Florida, kind of my second home.テつ I'm looking forward to a good tournament at the Sony.

Q.テつ Do you think that was a classic power against retrieving?テつ You're more aggressive than she is but she is pretty consistent.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, but she does like to change directions as well.テつ I wouldn't call her a complete retriever because she does try to put pressure and change the direction and go for it as well.
She had some good points, some good winners.テつ I was trying to focus on my game.テつ I think I did it; maybe not well enough today.テつ I had a really good opponent, so...

Q.テつ After the disappoint of the three tournaments coming in here, this must be a little bit of a boost.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Yeah, I had a few tough tournaments.テつ Acapulco I did a bit better, I thought, than the previous two tournaments.
Yeah, it's good to have a good few matches under my belt.テつ I think I've made progress throughout this tournament, and I feel like I'm playing better.テつ That's the most important thing.テつ Just got to keep going.

Q.テつ This is an obvious one.テつ You saw Lauren Davis pulled out and Dellacqua is the next player into the quarterfinals if you could've got through to the semifinals.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ I didn't even know that, no.

Q.テつ You would have played Dellacqua to get to the semifinal.
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Well, she is a tough opponent.テつ Were I played her in Australia, of course.テつ Yeah, that's what happens.テつ She's good player.テつ Tricky because she's a lefty.テつ That's what happens in the draw.テつ You never know.

Q.テつ So you had no idea who you would play after this match?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ No.テつ I had no idea who I was playing for thins match actually.テつ I went on the Tennis Channel set and Justin told me I was playing Halep and I was like Oh, Okay.テつ I truly had not looked at the draw.
It's not so much about my opponent for me, it's about my game.

Q.テつ So you never look at the draw or just this tournament?
EUGENIE BOUCHARD:テつ Usually I don't really pay attention to it.テつ Sometimes I look at the names in my section.テつ I saw it on my phone and was it hard to read, so I saw who I was playing in the first match and I truly did not look at the draw.

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