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March 10, 2014

Camila Giorgi


C. GIORGI/M. Sharapova
6‑3, 4‑6, 7‑5

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  How did that feel?
CAMILA GIORGI:  Good (smiling).  No, it was really good match.  I think so.  I mean, wasn't too consistent, but was great.

Q.  It was a difficult match, lots of breaks of serve from both of you.  So how did you kind of settle yourself at the end?
CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, it was good because I was in the point in a good moment.  It was really important even, but just in the third set was really important to do it, so I was happy.

Q.  Can you compare your nerves here in that match to the US Open when you played Wozniacki?  Was it similar?
CAMILA GIORGI:  I mean, yeah, maybe, but was just great.  When I'm in the court I don't think about the crowd, this stuff.  I just try to play my game and just keep going.
If something, even if I miss, I just still going.  I'm going my game.  I don't change it.

Q.  Probably the best win of your career, with Wozniacki.  I'd like to ask you an honest question:  One of our best journalists, Jon Wertheim wrote that long piece about all the different investors that you owe:  Mendy Wiggins, Eran Gaudot, Alex Ramirez, Dominic Owen, Todd Andrews.  You'll win $52,000 here.  Do you think it would be appropriate to pay some of these people back?
CAMILA GIORGI:  Actually, I don't want to talk about that.  For me just I'm playing a tournament, so I don't think about that.

Q.  But you're a grownup.  You're a 22 year old woman.  Everyone or many people know about this.  Don't you think this would be appropriate to take accountability and deal with this?
CAMILA GIORGI:  I deal with this.  I don't have problems.  But I'm just saying to you that I just want to talk about tennis, not this stuff.

Q.  That's part of the game.
CAMILA GIORGI:  Is not part of the game, because this is an history that it's ‑‑I cannot say.  I don't know how to say in English, but ‑‑how you say in English?
THE MODERATOR:  Just stick to tennis and...

Q.  Wait a second.  Let her put it in her own words.  You don't have to coach her.  She's a 22 year old.
CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, but you don't need to be aggressive.  I'm just answer your question.  If you want I answer what you want.  It's different.  But I answer what I think is the best.

Q.  If you want to answer in Spanish or something...
CAMILA GIORGI:  No, it's okay.

Q.  You obviously have made it to the second week of a Grand Slam a few times.  You're a player who a lot of people know, and I think some people are still surprised that you have to be a qualifier this tournament because we have seen you have so many good wins.  What do you think it will take for your ranking to catch up for you to start being seeded at these tournaments and not a qualifier?
CAMILA GIORGI:  I think so I need to keep going, to play tournaments and be more consistent, to play more, because last year wasn't like this for problems, injury.
But I think is more important to play many matches and get to be with these kind of matches that will help lot to my game.

Q.  You just said consistency has been a problem.  You missed that overhead, but you were in such a good position.  What was going through your mind towards the end when you were trying to close out the match with Maria?
CAMILA GIORGI:  I was trying to just play my game, and maybe I accelerate more than the other set.  I just play more aggressive.  I think this was the point.

Q.  Your style is a little bit different from other Italian players.  Other Italian players like to hit with spin.  You hit the ball very flat and fast.  How did you pick up such that kind of play style?
CAMILA GIORGI:  My dad.  My dad‑‑ how do you say in English?  He teach me.  He teach me this game watching other players like the top ones who was before, Agassi and ‑‑he introduced me this game.

Q.  What did you learn from Agassi?
CAMILA GIORGI:  Many things.  I mean, how he was playing.  Many things (smiling).

Q.  This is obviously your first time in the tournament.  You have done really well.  The way you play, is it conducive to these conditions?  Are the conditions good for you?
CAMILA GIORGI:  Yeah, it's good.  It's my first time here in Indian Wells, so I never been here.  No, the weather, it's good.  I mean, it's dry and I'm feeling good in the moment.  It's really good.

Q.  So what's happening with Italian tennis these days?  Fabio is doing well; you're going to face Pennetta next.  Why do you think Italian tennis is doing so well?
CAMILA GIORGI:  I don't know.  Maybe ‑‑I don't know.  Maybe it's the consistence.  I don't know.

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