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March 10, 2014

Jiri Vesely


A. MURRAY/J. Vesely
6‑7, 6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Do you have regrets?
JIRI VESELY:  Well, you know, it was a very hard match.  I feel right now physically very tired.  Of course it hurts.

Q.  Is there anything you would like to change?
JIRI VESELY:  For sure I would like to make the game balls that I had in the second and also in the third set, but I was a break up and I was in the second set leading 40‑15 on my serve and the third set I had advantage.
Maybe if I would use one of these chances maybe I would finish the match.  But, you know, Andy is just a big fighter and he's guy top 10 which deserves to win.
So, yeah, just need to take all the positive things from the match and try to keep working hard on myself.

Q.  Do you feel like you got tired as you went along and that maybe affected you?
JIRI VESELY:  I would say it was two things together.  The one thing was physically.  It was physically very long match, of course, very hard; also mentally it was very hard to control the match, you know, because I thought that I had the chance to beat Andy today maybe.
So it was mentally very, very hard to stay focused and to going point by point.  Yeah, I think the third set in the end I got the cramps physically but also because of the mental side, that I was very, very tight.

Q.  From the inside of the court, what did you see from Murray?  Did you think he was having an off day or wasn't 100% physically?
JIRI VESELY:  Well, the match started pretty bad from my side.  I did a lot of unforced errors, so I needed to play some good tennis.
Then at 3‑Love I broke him and I just got a little bit more confident and start to play my game.  I really think that he didn't like my game, because we were playing kind of like similar game.
So he just had to go for the shots, and I think that it's not something he really likes.  But of course he coped with it better than me, and he deserved to win.

Q.  When you play a top 10 like him and you play such a tough match, do you feel like you're close in level?  How does that make you feel?
JIRI VESELY:  Well, last year when I was practicing with Andy at the US Open I really was nervous before the practice because I didn't want to miss many balls so that he is having a good hit with me.  And today there was totally different story.  I went to the match of course to win the match, because otherwise you don't need to go out there.
Well, he's a top 10 guy, so it's a very special game or special match for me because I don't still have so many experience with these guys.  So it was a special match for me, and I really have to take all of the positives out of the match.

Q.  Did you feel that you had really in the crucial moments a self‑belief to seize control of the match, or did you still find yourself struggling with some doubts?
JIRI VESELY:  I was really struggling with myself.  I mean, after I won the first set, which was really exciting for me, and getting the early break in the second set, I just felt really chance to beat this guy until 4‑2 in both sets, second and third, I was playing good without any mistakes.
But then I always got a little bit tight, and I just felt the chance that I really can beat him.  I think that was maybe the one thing that was painful then in the end.

Q.  You seemed to have some fun.  You missed some overheads but when you made one you put your arms up and the crowd really liked that.
JIRI VESELY:  Well, it was pretty hard to make the smash because you don't have exactly point where you can focus on because the sky is just blue, you know, (smiling).
He hit the ball really high, and I just felt of course the chance to make the smash.  Unfortunately I didn't.  Maybe also it was one of the small things that decided the match, because I think I missed one smash at 40‑30 or 40‑15 in the second set and I think it was 4‑3.
So I really have to take out all the mistakes I did and try to work on myself harder and harder.

Q.  Are you playing Davis Cup against Japan?
JIRI VESELY:  I don't know if the nomination is done yet, but I hope I will be ‑‑

Q.  Tomas and Radek?
JIRI VESELY:  Tomas is not playing.  He announced two weeks ago I think.
Radek is going to be on the team for sure, and the rest is of course on the team captain who he will choose into the team.  But of course I think this is another very good experience for me and that I really have the chance or that I'm really able to play with the good guys, and it really can improve my game in the future.

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