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March 10, 2014

Na Li


N. LI/K. Pliskova
6‑3, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Happy with the progress through two matches?
NA LI:  Yeah.  You know, at least I can win the last point, and still, how do you say, stay on tournament.
You know, always tough, because first time to be the top seed in a big tournament and never have, how do you say, experience before.
So it's very tough to hang in there, especial beginning the tournament start.

Q.  So you do feel different being the top seed?
NA LI:  I try to feeling the same, but it is different, you know.  Doesn't matter how is the around people and around the media, and always feeling a little bit different.

Q.  What is different?  The pressure or the attention or internal to you?
NA LI:  I think it's everything, you know.  Like because before if I come to tournament maybe I was like No. 6 or No. 7 seed, you know.  How do you say, now is high attention; everyone is focused.

Q.  You had the first match each of the first two days.  Do you like playing that early in the morning?
NA LI:  It's not bad (smiling).
I mean, at least, how do you say, you don't have to follow by, so you can go on court on time.  Just a little bit tough to wake up, you know, early in the morning (smiling).
Otherwise was okay for me.

Q.  Your first two service games, four double faults today.
NA LI:  Yeah.

Q.  Then you got it straightened out.  Did you change anything, or too early in the morning to serve?
NA LI:  Okay, I take that point.  Too early in the morning (smiling).
Everyone will make double faults if you are a tennis player.  At least, how do you say, I can even more improve my serve.
Yeah, of course, I will talk to Carlos after that, because until now we still didn't have‑‑ still didn't have time to see each other.  So of course we will talk about the serve or what I'm doing, how it's doing on the court later.

Q.  You talk a lot in your book about Wuhan, being a woman from Wuhan.  Can you talk and explain for some of us maybe who don't know what makes you being from Wuhan special, different from somebody from Beijing?
NA LI:  I'm not special?  I'm special, okay.

Q.  How about different.  The personality.
NA LI:  Wuhan in China is huge, big city, but still, how do you say, not so many people exactly know how is the special of Wuhan.  But for me is very special city for me.  I was born there, grow up in there.
So I also like, how do you say, my old family, old friend was living in Wuhan.  How do you say, because Wuhan is exactly middle of China‑‑ like before, if south of China people want to go to Beijing, they have cross my hometown.
So all the people, we have, how do you say, mix all of the China people.  So I don't know.  Maybe special, but for me is normal, you know.

Q.  Are people from Wuhan different, more outspoken or independent or something like that?
NA LI:  I think all of the world is the same.  Every city cannot say only one style people.  They always have all the different.
But funny thing right now, because I didn't have many time back to Wuhan.  Like before, I was take taxi, and then taxi driver start to talk to me.  He didn't know who I am, so was good for me.
And suddenly he say, Oh, you can speak very good Wuhan dialect.  I was like, Excuse me?  What are you talking about?  Oh, it's not easy to learn.  I say, I am living here.  Yeah, right.  He don't know anything.  (Smiling).
Because they think, you know, because city always change a lot.  They make new beauty and everything.  I didn't know when they make it so I always ask taxi driver.  So that's why.

Q.  After your win in Australia and being ranked first here, do you have to deal with that whole thing, why doesn't she win every week?  She already won Australia.  Are you able to make sure there is not too much pressure on you being from the world's biggest country?
NA LI:  I think I can make everything ‑‑ I cannot make every single person understand how is the sport.  If you are doing the sport, for sure you know you cannot win all the times.
So also I was feeling tennis in China still, how do you say, not so many years.  You still have to improve a lot.
We need, how do you say, give time to give to, how do you say, tennis or give to China, to learn so many other thing.
Of course I always hear a lot.  So many people say Oh, she's lucky or she's‑‑ after I win French, after I win Australia, they say, Oh, she's lucky.  She cannot win anymore, like blah, blah, blah.
I say, that's okay.  Doesn't matter.  I already have two in my pocket.  Nobody take it.
I still continue to, how you say, my love to tennis life, so I just continue to do that.  I don't care how the other people say.

Q.  When you go home to Wuhan and you're with your friends and family and you go out, how difficult is it for you now to be able to just wander around the city?
NA LI:  I think now the family, my friends, everyone know how is the situation right now.
So if we go to the restaurant, they always put VIP room before, have private room.  We can stay in the room.  You don't have to stay in the lobby.  And also, I mean, they will go in and tell me the room number.  I will go straightaway.
Or I was wearing on the head, everything (smiling).  But if I go alone, it's no problem.  The people always, She looks like, but not sure.
But if I was go with my husband, for sure, 150 times, and they say, Oh, this is NA LI husband, and they say, Oh, This is NA LI (smiling).

Q.  You said in Australia you made him famous.
NA LI:  Yeah.  Is true.  I mean, I don't know, I talk to story before.  It was like three years ago, also after Melbourne.  I was back to hometown, so we fly Melbourne to Singapore, Singapore to Beijing or somewhere.
I was sit on there and he help me put bag on top, and suddenly the lady was serve for us, Look, look, this is NA LI husband.  And I was like Yeah, so many people say that (smiling).
So after 10 minutes the plane was come up, and the lady come again, Oh, sorry, I didn't know you were NA LI.
Yeah, right now, so many times I talk to husband, I say, Don't come with me.  You go in first or you going behind.  Don't come with me.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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