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March 9, 2014

Lauren Davis


L. DAVIS/V. Lepchenko
6‑3, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Congratulations on your win.  Can we just talk a little bit about what it's like for you being at this tournament now.  Looking at the draw, you are one of two American women left with Sloane.  Can you just talk about that and what you think about American women's tennis right now and where you fit in.
LAUREN DAVIS:  I think the American women are doing really well right now.  We all kind of‑‑ a lot of us train in Boca together, so we all kind of push each other and motivate each other.  I think there is just really great upbringing of American women right now.

Q.  Earlier in his press conference, John Isner was asked about men's tennis.  He was like, I don't really think about the other men or sort of their ranking isn't that important to me or who is on top doesn't matter.  The women, is there more of a camaraderie with all of you?
LAUREN DAVIS:  No.  I think we all try to focus on ourselves, for the most part.

Q.  Do you want to talk about the match?  You seemed to be in control most of the way.
LAUREN DAVIS:  I think I played really well.  I'm really happy with the turnout.  I was pretty nervous going in, but I just tried to stay dynamic and stay intense and just work through the nerves.
I'm really, really happy with the way I played.

Q.  Why were you nervous going in?
LAUREN DAVIS:  I'm always nervous (smiling).

Q.  The crowd was pretty massively behind you.
LAUREN DAVIS:  Yeah, that was really nice.  I really appreciated that.

Q.  Is that something that you think about when you're out there, to hear them and it's helpful?
LAUREN DAVIS:  No, you're kind of in the zone, so none of that really matters at the time.

Q.  We have been in this era which generally speaking has been, I don't know, the era big babe tennis with Maria and Serena and so forth.  You're very diminutive.  Do you take pride you do so well considering your stature?  Is that something that gives you pride in some ways, or is it an advantage?
LAUREN DAVIS:  Well, I think I have a lot of advantages that the taller girls don't.  And I also think that they have quite a few advantages that I don't have as well, but I think I make up for it with my movement, speed, desire, my heart.

Q.  How much of an asset is your desire and your heart?  How critical is that to your game?
LAUREN DAVIS:  I think it's very critical.  I think it's very critical for everyone, really.

Q.  Yeah, but you have it to such a great degree.  Just talk about that, if you can.  You did really well in the juniors, too.  But any sense of when you knew that you were such a gut fighter, and where did that come from?
LAUREN DAVIS:  I think I just grew up fighting for everything, so I have always had to work really, really hard for everything I have, which makes it that much more meaningful.  Yeah.

Q.  When Cibulkova did so well in Australia, Dominika, did that give you a little bit of encouragement somehow, some way?
LAUREN DAVIS:  Yes.  I have always looked up to her.  I really don't think it's a matter of height.  I think it's a matter of believing in yourself and having faith in yourself.

Q.  Have you studied Hingis' film?  Have you watched it?

Q.  Have you met her?

Q.  That's how she played.  She played the court.  She had to set it up.  But once Lindsay Davenport came along, and Sharapova, and who else?  Mary Pierce.  Didn't work anymore.  Have you studied that era or thought about that or talked to your coach about that?
LAUREN DAVIS:  No, I haven't.

Q.  In your heart, what do you want to achieve in your career?
LAUREN DAVIS:  Really the sky is the limit, so just my goal is to become top 5.  I believe I can maybe even do better than that.

Q.  Also, Ohio is not exactly a tennis mecca.  How did you happen to emerge from Ohio to reach such a level?
LAUREN DAVIS:  There is quite a few girls who have come out of Ohio who have gone to some top colleges.  I mean, we trained together when we were younger, and I think we just ended up all doing really well.  I guess I was the only one who turned pro.

Q.  I think you did really well in the juniors in California, if I recall correctly.
LAUREN DAVIS:  Yeah, in SanDiego and Westerville, too.

Q.  Great.  What's your take on California?
LAUREN DAVIS:  I love California.  The weather is perfect.  I mean, you can't get much better than this, really.  People are really, really nice, and it's always just really just such a joy to come back here every year.  I have great memories.

Q.  Ever meet LeBron?
LAUREN DAVIS:  No.  I live like 45 minutes away from him though in Cleveland.

Q.  A match question:  You were rolling along in the second set, 5‑Love, and then you got broken.  She came back and had a little bit of a comeback at 5‑2.  What happened there?
LAUREN DAVIS:  I think I did everything really well.  She called her coach at 5‑0, so I think he just told her to maybe just kind of go for it.
I mean, she had no pressure on her at that point, so she started playing really, really well, and I'm happy with the way I handled it.  I stayed the same, and I only gave away two games in that set.

Q.  Kind of a random question, but one of the great tennis figures to emerge out of Ohio, a promoter, Barry McKay.  Have you heard of him?
LAUREN DAVIS:  No, I haven't.

Q.  Great man.

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