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March 9, 2014

Tomas Berdych


4‑6, 6‑2, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Obviously a tough first opponent for you here out of the gates.  What are your thoughts on the match?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, yes, it is tough opponent, but, you know, first of all I need to say that he really handled the tough situation today really well.
But secondly, more important to me that anything I touched today was basically bad and was wrong.  So really, you know, just to recap it, definitely my worst match that I had this year.  That's it, you know.
That's another experience.  That's another way of the tennis, also.  It's not only about winning.  So, yeah, just learned I need to learn from those mistakes that I did and just keep going.

Q.  Few of the tops players already struggled here.  Is there something about the conditions here?  Hard to adjust with how the ball flies?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  No, no, definitely not.  Conditions was everything fine.
Just myself was not the way I want to be on the court, really.  I mean, I was late everywhere.  I was not hitting the ball clearly, and that's it, you know.
I cannot play tennis with those things that doesn't work.
All the weeks that my game was on top and was ‑‑ really it was keep on winning, I was moving extremely well which that part I was missing a lot today.

Q.  Is it a disadvantage in any way to have a bye and then be up against a player that's had a match?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  No, I mean, it's just how it is.  I mean, no, really not.  Complaining about that wouldn't be the right choice.  I was really happy that even that I got a Sunday start or basically how the draw was set up that after a lot of tennis I played in last couple of weeks then I had a chance to play on Sunday.
I thought it would be a better option.  But, yeah, was not right one (smiling).
That's it.  Another experience.  Really just need to keep my head up and keep on going.

Q.  So will you stay here for a while to practice or go to Miami?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, I mean, it's quite short time after the match.  Really just need to sit with my coaches, with my team, make the plans, just make the setup what I'm going to do and how we gonna prepare and what's gonna be the best option.
So really I have no answer for that.

Q.  This morning when you woke up and you hit and practiced and all that, did you get any sort of inkling or feeling that this was not going to be a good day the way you were hitting or anything like that?
TOMAS BERDYCH:  Well, right after ‑‑the end of my warmup I just starts to feel, you know, quite ‑‑not tight.  I don't know what's sort of feeling is that, but not that crisp, I would say, like in last couple of weeks.
But really I was just trying to make a good warmup before the match and just go for it.
As I said, you know, the match was not so good from my side but I was still able to win it.  [Sic].
But as I said in beginning, it's well done for him to handle those tough situations in the match like this, and that's how it is.

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