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March 9, 2014

Richard Sterne


Q.  Good performance?
RICHARD STERNE:  Yeah, it was good.  Tough golf course, obviously with the hazards.  Puts a lot of pressure on you.  But happy with the performance after a 2‑over first day.

Q.  A lot of players struggled to get rhythm on the weekend.
RICHARD STERNE:  Yeah, I hit the ball very well actually on the windy day and then I really struggled with my swing yesterday, especially, and a bit today, as well.
But, you know, just somehow managed to keep it in play and unfortunately the tee shot on 10 cost me today.  Hit a hook in the water there and that was a big mistake and came back with a birdie on the second ball.  I shot level, so what can you do.

Q.  Do you think it was equal footing for everybody?
RICHARD STERNE:  Yeah, obviously, the weather was the same for everybody, so no one had a better draw or anything like that.  Played like a major.
I think they might need so soften some of the holes somewhere, maybe make them a bit shorter or something.  But if they keep it like this, it's going to be a really tough test.  We only had one day where the wind blew, and the winning score is only, what, a handful of guys under par.

Q.  What does a result and a performance like this do for the confidence going forward?
RICHARD STERNE:  A lot.  It's a big event.  It's as big as they get really.  So it's a good week for me and I'm going in for an operation soon on my hip, probably next week or the week after.  So I'll be out for three months.  So it's good to have a good finish.

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