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March 8, 2014

Stan Wawrinka


S. WAWRINKA/I. Karlovic
6‑3, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:  Questions, please.

Q.  Roger was here earlier talking about your relationship.  He said earlier on you'd ask him questions, and then for a while you don't ask as many; now he's starting to ask you questions in terms of matches and opponents.  Can you talk about the evolution of your relationship with Roger?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Okay.  No, it's been great.  We know each other since many years.  We are very close friends.  The relation is great.  We don't see each other so much off the court because he has a family, I have family and stuff, but we know that we can trust each other.

Q.  Your first tournament as the No. 1 Swiss, first tournament playing as the top 5 player, first time post Australia.  Feeling any differently going out there?  Tell me about the sensations of being out on the court today in a tournament.
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Just feeling great and happy to be back, especially here.  It's amazing tournament.
Yeah, it was a little bit scared the way I was going to come back, the way I was going to play.
But after five, six days on the practice court with Magnus, I was feeling really good.  I'm really happy with my level.  I really think I'm playing great tennis.
It was a difficult match to start against Ivo.  It's never easy.  He's a tough player, especially the first one.  He don't give you so much rhythm.
But I'm really happy the way I was playing, the way I was aggressive on the court, and to win in straight sets was really important for me.

Q.  What was the most interesting part that happened to you post Australia?  I know you took time at home, but was there one thing that really stood out for you?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  No, it really I think was just amazing, you know.  I'm just really happy that it was what I did to be No. 3 in the world, to win a Grand Slam.  I never expect that.
To enjoy those moments, that's the more important for me.

Q.  What Doug was just asking you, Stan, a couple of weeks ago when you got to No. 3 in the world, what did that feel like?  For the first time you're actually ranked ahead of Roger?  Did it feel strange?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  No, no, no, because I'm ‑‑ again, I'm not trying to be in front of Roger in the ranking.  For me, I'm in front of Murray; I'm in front of Jo; I'm in front of all the other.
It's more strange to be just behind Rafa and Novak.  It's that simple.
People can ask me hundred times about being No. 1 in Switzerland.  Doesn't matter.  I will tell you the same answer always.  I don't care at all to be before him in the ranking.  It's that simple.

Q.  When Rafter won the US Open for the first time he was asked, Hey, is winning this going to change you as a person?  He said, No, I'm the same old bag of s‑h‑i‑t.  Do you think winning a slam, which is such a major accomplishment in our sport, do you think that's changed you in any way as a person?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Not as a person for sure.  I don't think so.  I was thinking about that, but I'm the same player and I'm the same person that I was two weeks before the Grand Slam.
So it's not because in two weeks I did great, I did amazing job beating everybody that I will change as a person.
You know, I'm still living the same life.  It will change a lot in my tennis life.  I'm No. 3 in the world.  There are a few things that will change, but the rest I'm not changing.

Q.  Where have you placed the Australian Open trophy?  And when do you think it will start getting boring with all the questions and Australia and all the things you achieved over there?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Well, I think I'm not going to get boring about those questions, you know.  It's more about being Swiss No. 1 that's annoying me.
But about winning Grand Slam, I think it's great.  It's positive.  So I can answer many few questions if you want.
The trophy is in Switzerland in a safe place.

Q.  How much awareness does your daughter have of what you have accomplished?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  She has no idea (smiling).
She has no idea.  She follow me, she knows what I'm playing tennis, but she has no idea what that means to win or to lose.

Q.  You have had a long career, ups and downs, lots of input and advice.  What would you say is the best piece of advice that you have gotten in your career?
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Is many, many, but maybe to think and to try to work on the long term, and when you go on the practice court not expecting to win the next matches because you did a great week on the practice.
It's more about every day it's important to give everything and the result will come.  If it's not the next month, it's maybe in two or three years.  But you have to try and fight and try and improve for that.

Q.  Who gave you that advice?

Q.  After you win, after you win the Australian Open, they say your life changes.  Going forward in your career, do you feel like you have to focus on being a little bit more grounded and trying to handle success so it doesn't bother you?  Some people struggle with it.
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yeah, but I don't see as a problem for me.  You know, I'm quite easy.  I'm quite relaxed.  I know how to focus.  It's all about my tennis.
But the rest, I know when I I'm get to do too many things outside the court, and I know when to stop or how to organize things.
It's not a problem.  I think to win the first Grand Slam at 28 years old it's an advantage for that, so it's quite okay.

Q.  But is that an advantage just being on the court for so many years that you kind of understand that?  Do you think that's...
STANISLAS WAWRINKA:  Yeah, of course.  For sure I think I can understand better.  And as a person I'm more mature, so I know how to deal with those things, how to deal with new people and with everything that I have to do now outside the tennis court.

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