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March 8, 2014

Allie Havers

Rachel Theriot

Connie Yori


Nebraska - 86
Michigan State - 58

THE MODERATOR:  We'll go ahead and get started with an opening statement from coach and then take questions for the student‑athletes. 
COACH CONNIE YORI:  It was a great team win on our part.  We scored 86 points and Jordan only scored 15 of them.  That means that we have a lot of contribution from others.  The stretch that we had with Jordan on the bench in the first half was, I'm thinking as that's going on, I'm thinking that's what we're going to have next year and with a few more contributors coming in.
But we got contributions out of a lot of kids in that stretch when Jordan had two fouls.  And as a coach you think, well should I put her back in, but we didn't need to, because the fact that our kids played so well.
So Rachel has been, yeah she's been iron woman for us and has just been consistent, really throughout the year.  And Allie came in and gave us a really big lead in the first half and then Tear'a got going and she had that look in her eye.  So really good team win and our defense was great.  Our kids were really smart and they followed the game plan and executed it.
THE MODERATOR:  Questions for the student‑athletes, please.

Q.  Rachel, in the first half when you pulled away and opened the big lead, what led you to being able to pull away like that.
RACHEL THERIOT:  Obviously, just coming from, I think it started with our defense, obviously, getting stops.  And then everyone was making big plays for us and hitting shots.  So everything was just rolling our way and I think we executed well.

Q.  Can you discuss the year you've had and how your confidence has grown.  To be able to put up a performance like that today?
ALLIE HAVERS:  It's been a fun year and it's been really great talking about the stuff that goes into the game and stuff like that, so that's where it came from.

Q.  Does it mean more to do this against Michigan State?
ALLIE HAVERS:  It feels good, like, playing against Michigan State, but against anybody it would be good.

Q.  Rachel, last night you obviously set the single game record for assists, it seemed like early in the game you were looking to score yourself, was there something you saw defensively that led to that?
RACHEL THERIOT:  I just took what they gave me and sometimes it's me finding the open person and I'm also happy to take my own shot.  I just read what they give.

Q.  Rachel, can you talk about what it means to make it to the Big‑10 championship game and kind of your thoughts on that.
RACHEL THERIOT:  These past two years most of my experiences these past two years we have been competing for it and we have always been close, but haven't got it yet.  So, especially for Hooper, this is her senior year, just to bring it on back for her, that's the main thing.
THE MODERATOR:  Thank you, ladies.  We'll see you tomorrow.  Take questions for coach.

Q.  How good was that first half going into halftime, what did you tell your team, obviously keep it up and that, but can you talk about the first half?
COACH CONNIE YORI:  We did a lot of things right.  There was some details that we tried to clean up and changed some matchups in the second half.  We needed to continue to stay aggressive but also play smart.
We were up 28 at halftime in a game before and I never think it's enough of a lead.  So I'm always a firm believer that you got to come out and play well to start the second half in that situation.  And we played well enough, not that ‑‑ we didn't let them score a whole lot to start that second half.  We didn't necessarily get it going on offense though.

Q.  What's it like to have a situation to have Allie come in and make a contribution and see how much growth she's had this year?
COACH CONNIE YORI:  Well she mentioned it.  She is putting a lot of extra time in the gym to try to get better.  It's nice to see an athlete's work pay off.  And that's exactly what that was an example of tonight.
She spent ‑‑ she hits those shots in practice all the time.  After practice she gets an extra 20 or 30 minutes of practice almost every day.  Sometimes she's on her own, sometimes she does it with one of the coaches and she's just very committed to that.  So I'm really proud of her.

Q.  Going back to Allie, you talk about the work she's done, but what about her confidence level.  She came in and one of the shots was early in the shot clock and it seemed like she ‑‑ has her confidence grown over the years?
COACH CONNIE YORI:  She's never lacked confidence.  When she gets it, she shoots it.  So, that's never been an issue with her.  But she's a competitive kid.  I think that goes back to her high school background, that she was a really good all around high school athlete who was a competitor.
And she won a state softball championship and think about a kid that played short stop at 6‑5, she's an athletic kid and she's competitive.  And then she pitched her team to state championship her senior year.  And so you are talking about a kid that has played multiple sports and has been successful in everything that she's done.  She's competitive.

Q.  When you play Iowa tomorrow, both teams are playing their own game but what do you feel like you need to do against them to get a victory?
COACH CONNIE YORI:  Well Iowa is really hard to guard.  They can really space the floor on you.  They have got a really good interior player in Doolittle and then they have got four perimeters that can shoot it and drive it and they're a very, very challenging team to defend.
So if the game goes as we think it might go, it might be, there might be some scoring in this game.  So we're going to have to find a way to score.

Q.  How does your transition play help you out on offense?
COACH CONNIE YORI:  We definitely took advantage of some things that we do in transition to get the ball where it needs to be.  We got ‑‑ we got a few steals that led to easy baskets.  But we felt like that was an area that we wanted to try to take advantage of in this game.  We got ‑‑ we don't have big bulky posts, so we got to be a running team and that's kind of who we have been and who we will continue to be as long as we go with this personnel.
THE MODERATOR:  All right.  Thank you.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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