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March 7, 2014

Lauren Davis


L. DAVIS/V. Azarenka
6‑0, 7‑6

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ What does this win mean to you?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ It means so much to me.テつ My first top 10 win, and just being in the third round of Indian Wells really boosts my confidence.

Q.テつ You were third round last year, too, weren't you?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ No.テつ I lost first round.

Q.テつ Two years ago?

Q.テつ No?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ No.テつ I don't think I have ever won a round here.テつ Maybe one.テつ I won one round (Laughter.)

Q.テつ How was the crowd out there for you?テつ It was an electric atmosphere.テつ They were absolutely backing you vocally.
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Yeah, they were awesome, really, really supportive.テつ I think that really helped me a lot just having them behind me.

Q.テつ Does there come a point though where maybe the support or, I don't know if it's the stadium or the noise or anything, but it almost starts to kind of unnerve you or rattle you?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ No, not at all.テつ I really think I benefited from it.テつ I just tried to focus on myself, and, I mean, at times blocked them out.テつ Because like when you're up and you're about to beat the No. 3 girl in the world is kind of a high and you kind of look towards the end of the match.
So I just really just tried to focus on myself and just block them out.テつ Yeah.

Q.テつ Did you have to block her out, as well, kind of everything that was going on on her side of the court?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Yeah, for sure.

Q.テつ Was it distracting at all at any point?テつ Did you know going into the match that maybe there were physical issues going on with her?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ I know she hasn't played a tournament in about six weeks, so that gave me more confidence that I played more matches than she has.
I commend her for playing through it, for sure.テつ I respect her a lot.
So, yeah.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the next round?テつ Another American.
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Uh‑huh, I'm excited.テつ I practiced with Varvara quite a bit.テつ We know each other's games very well.テつ I think I prepared well.テつ I'm playing really well.テつ My confidence is high.テつ I'm always believing in myself.テつ We'll see how it goes.

Q.テつ Can you give us a little bit of an update as to what your training situation is now, like coaches and all that good stuff?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ My coach is Juan Todero.テつ Madison Keys and I share him.テつ I just switched to USTA right after US Open, so that was kind of a drastic change because I have been at Evert for about four years.
But everything is going really well.テつ I'm really, really happy with the way things have turned out, and I have improved a ton.テつ I'm just really enjoying myself.

Q.テつ What drove the change from going to Evert's to Boca?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Just that all the girls were at USTA, and I felt maybe I was a little behind because maybe I was practicing with younger boys rather than girls my level.
Just the competition, you know, we kind of push each other and drive each other.テつ It's been a big factor.

Q.テつ Lauren what about the decision you went out and hit a few practice balls?テつ What was that about?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Win or lose, Juan always has Madison and I practice afterwards for 10, 15 minutes, just to try to keep it in our brain that it's all a process, and it doesn't matter about the previous match.テつ It's just getting to where you want to be ultimately.

Q.テつ Were you happy with how you played tonight all the way?テつ Obviously first set 6‑0 against the top 5 player is pretty remarkable, but down second set there were a couple of wobbles.
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ I don't think I could have done anything better, honestly.

Q.テつ What goes through your mind through that first set?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ I was for sure surprised.テつ But, I mean, like I said, I just tried to focus on the process rather than the score and let the score take care of itself.

Q.テつ You seem very sleepy.
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ I'm very sleepy.テつ I go to beds at like 9:00 usually (Laughter.)

Q.テつ So were you nervous.テつ Do you not like night matches then?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ No, I love night matches.テつ I have started to try to go to bed later just in case I play night matches.テつ I used to go to bed at 8:00, 8:30, and then my coach told me, No.テつ You have to start going to bed later in case you play night matches.

Q.テつ What time do you wake up?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ 7:30 usually.

Q.テつ You sleep a lot, though.
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Uh‑huh.テつ I like to go to bed early and I like to wake up early, like seize the day.

Q.テつ So what do you do to stay up?テつ Like what have you been doing to try to push your bedtime later?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ I read a lot.テつ I like to read.テつ I write.

Q.テつ What are you reading right now?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ The Hunger Games.

Q.テつ Does that prepare you well for WTA Tour, Hunger Games?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Yeah, it does.テつ It gets my mind off of things.

Q.テつ So you have never seen the Tonight Show or any of those late night talk shows?

Q.テつ What's the latest you've ever stayed up?
LAUREN DAVIS:テつ Like 1:00.

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