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March 7, 2014

Latricia Lovings

Zahna Medley

Jeff Mittie


TCU ¬Ė 75

JEFF MITTIE:¬† I thought Texas Tech played an outstanding, certainly, first half.¬† I thought they played very well.¬† I thought our group was very resilient and hung in there.¬† Second half I thought, we‑‑ the difference for us was some rebounding, hustle plays.¬† I thought we had some big plays there.¬† I thought our defense created some offense.¬† I thought Chelsea Prince at the front of the zone was critical.¬† And obviously we shoot 60 percent in the second half.
This is a game where the baskets were pretty wide open.  Both teams shot pretty well.  For us, I just think we were able to create enough turnovers to get some offense.

Q.¬† Coach, you guys pulled away there in the second half, went on an 18‑3 run that spanned like seven‑and‑a‑half minutes.¬† What were you able to do to give you the advantage to pull away?
JEFF MITTIE:¬† I thought our defense created some open turnovers, some live turnovers out front. ¬†Chelsea Prince, I get back to her at the front.¬† We made a little bit of an adjustment.¬† We felt like they were getting us really wide so we went with that I‑formation where Chelsea was at the top of it, and she was able to create some havoc up there and obviously we got into a pretty good rhythm.¬† I thought on the offensive glass, we had some plays there, LT had some big plays, I thought Ventress got on the glass better, so a little bit of everything.

Q.  You have West Virginia coming up.  The two games you played with them were very close.  What do you think you need to do to get over that hump tomorrow night?
JEFF MITTIE:  Well, one, I think West Virginia is an outstanding team.  We've played well against them, but we'll see.  We'll put together a game plan.  I think that they had such a great year.  I think really for us it starts with making sure that Bussie doesn't control the inside so much.  She's such a fantastic player.  You talk about the shooters in Holmes, Taylor is an excellent player, Stepney at the point I think is outstanding.  We'll take a look at the things that we can do a little bit better.  Those things have come down to we're not going to sneak up on them.  We're not going to sneak up on them.  The two games we've had have been down to the last four minutes both times.  We're not sneaking up on them.  They'll be ready to play, I'm sure.  We'll have to get some rest tonight and put together as good a game plan as we can.
Our team has played well, but I think we've done some decent things.  When you talk about West Virginia you've got to handle their defensive pressure first, and then the second thing you've got to do is the things I talked about.  Bussie can't just own the glass all night long and then you've got to guard their shooters.  Other than that, not much (laughing).  Other than that, everything really, when you play a team like them.
I will actually say this:¬† I told my group the last time we played them in Morgantown that I thought West Virginia was a top 10 team on tape, and because they started outside the rankings they were very underrated.¬† I think when we played them 13.¬† I actually told them top 8.¬† I have that much respect for that team, and you can see with them being co‑champions they've had an outstanding year.

Q.  For both of you, tonight's game, big win, got the momentum.  What are you going to be table to take from this and moving into the West Virginia game?
ZAHNA MEDLEY:¬† I think having poise and control, you know just staying with my game plan and not ‑‑ they want a fast‑paced game.¬† You just have to slow down and play zone.¬† We want a slower game, so just being in control on our offense and defense.
LATRICIA LOVINGS:¬† I agree with Zahna, just play our game small.¬† Tonight I think they started‑‑ Texas Tech started out great, and we had to come back and fight hard, and that's what we did, and just like we did the previous games against West Virginia, we're going to have to grind it out the entire 40 minutes.¬† That's what we're going to have to do tomorrow night.
JEFF MITTIE:  I will say one thing that I didn't mention earlier.  Only one turnover in the first half really kept us in it because the possessions, with the way they shot the basketball, we had eight assists and one turnover in the first half, so that was a huge key for us controlling the basketball.  While I thought we were a little edgy at times, I talked to our team at halftime about poise and control the second half.  Only having eight turnovers, that's a really solid effort by our entire group.

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