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December 15, 2002

Toshi Izawa

Shigeki Maruyama


MODERATOR: Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. We'd like to present the 2002 EMC2 World Cup champions, Shigeki Maruyama and Toshi Izawa.

Q. How are you feeling now?

TOSHI IZAWA: I'm not sure that I won the tournament. It's rather, I feel that the 72 holes is done. This year, I didn't play very well, but at the end of the year, winning such a big event is a very nice way to end the year.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: With a lot of media people in the press room, I feel that I won the tournament.

Well, I played this event three times, in the past three years, and it's been very nice to bring back the trophy to Japan. It's been quite a few years since Japan has won the World Cup, and I'm very happy now.

Q. Were you aware of the Americans problems on 18? And what were you feeling after the double bogey?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: We found out on the second shot on the 18th hole. One of the spectators told us that the putt David Toms missed was for double-bogey.

The 13th, Izawasan shot a 3-iron and hit it a little farther than we expected. The length left for the second shot, it was a tight green and it went over the green in the bunker and the lie was bad. So after that, we didn't talk much, because that's something that happens in golf.

Q. Were you influenced by the shot from Chand on 13, leaving it short of the green?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Yes, it bothered me -- yes. He got the shot to the green, right.

Q. What kind of reaction do you expect in Japan?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: I'll be going back soon, and if I find out that it's not publicized big, then I'm not going to speak to them. (Laughter.)

Q. What did you think your experience in Mexico and will you come back to play?

TOSHI IZAWA: The golf course is beautiful and the climate was perfect. But I have a problem with the food. I love Japanese food, and if you can make more Japanese restaurants here, then it's going to be very nice. A lot of Japanese people will be coming. (Laughter.)

Q. You have to learn to like Mexican food?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: I like it, Salsa, guacamole, quesadilla. (Smiling).

Q. How does this compare to a Presidents Cup?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Compared to the Presidents Cup, it's a little bit different. Presidents Cup, it's a little bit tougher because you have to play sometimes 36 holes a day and your partner changes. But this event, your partner is the same.

Q. If you can, ask your people as locals to Vallarta now, as winner of the World Cup?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Yes, yes, of course.

Q. This is one of the biggest victories for Japan since 1957. Do you think this will be a big influence for kids in Japan, to promote the game of golf in Japan?

TOSHI IZAWA: As we said yesterday, if the press people can publicize more in Japan, then we will get a lot of attention for the Juniors. We hope that the juniors will grow up in Japan and we can represent the game of golf.

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Well, in the future, I wish that there will be kids who think who think it and play like Izawa and Maruyama, and we need more publicity in Japan.

Q. Can you talk about your expectations starting the day with such a difficult format?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Basically, it was our strategy today. We were aiming for 36-under at the beginning. We knew there was going to be at least one team that would be chasing us, and it was the U.S. team.

Q. Through history, we know that there are some differences between Japan and the United States. Is there any special feeling about defeating the United States in this World Cup?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Well, the format of the tournament is different. But I'm sure that it showed that Japan can play a little better golf now, and I'm happy with that.

Q. These four days we have been watching your golf shoes. Where did you buy them? They are beautiful golf shoes?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: In Japan. (Laughter.) Very expensive. (Laughter.)

Q. Your reaction on 18 when you saw the board being changed, the crowd reacted to and seemed to enjoy. Can you talk about that?

TOSHI IZAWA: Looking at the board, even the bogey, we were able to win the tournament. Just hope that Maruyama won't hit it over the green to the creek. (Laughter.)

Q. How about the crowd?

SHIGEKI MARUYAMA: Well, they gave us a big clap and they were standing up. It was very cheerful and I really enjoyed it.

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