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March 7, 2014

Greg Lansing


LOYOLA テや 62

COACH GREG LANSING:テつ He had about a week of practice, and so really like he‑‑ he knows he wasn't playing good and he wants to play better and not let his teammates down.テつ Those three are really picking us up, so that's nice.

Q.テつ You want this team to have a defensive personality, it's one thing to say, it's another thing to do it.テつ Team did it today.テつ Just talk about that and just talk specifically about the defense of Milton Doyle who never really got his scoring going today.
COACH GREG LANSING:テつ Yeah, you just have to fight‑‑ Manny was terrific.テつ Manny does not get credit for how well he defends.テつ He was really good defensively.
And with Milt, you just try to make it hard for him to goat it and really try to keep him in front of you and hope he misses.テつ He's so good.テつ Look at what he did last night, and just a heroic effort and he's going to be something to deal with for the next three years.
We've always been like that.テつ We want that, because to win championships, a lot comes at the defensive end.テつ I like the ball going in.テつ I like great offense as much as anybody, but in this conference, as well as everybody is prepared, you're going to have to guard and make it tough on other people.
And we've done it a lot, but you know, we've given up too many easy ones, even when we were pretty good, so we were kind of focused today and the last couple days, and tonight was nothing easy.テつ Let's not give them an easy one; if they are going to score, they are going to have to score against a good defense.

Q.テつ You ended practice early yesterday because you felt so good about your team.テつ What was it that you saw in your bunch that just kind of to yourselves, just said, I know we're ready?
COACH GREG LANSING:テつ Sometimes by kicking them out of there, because you're not very happy with them, I've never done that to this team; I probably should have a few times throughout this year.
The practices before we got down here were really good and spirited and going after each other, and then we came over here and had a half hour fear and it was as harp as a half hour‑‑ we just did shooting but all the individual stuff we did, the guys were locked in; in high energy.テつ We went over across the way to 15, 20 minutes; for one, the floor was a little slick, so the head coach was a little worried about it, but they were going after each other so hard.テつ I just said, we're done, we're ready.テつ I knew they were.テつ I knew they would be.

Q.テつ As part of that, this team does seem to be embracing its No.2 seed and all that comes with that?テつ In general they seem to be embracing this opportunity.
COACH GREG LANSING:テつ Even though we lost three coming in here, this group throughout has been a hard working group.
They have been a good group to be around and a pretty hard‑working practice group and for a lot of reasons, maybe they get tired of hearing me, we did get secured at that two seed so we might just not have been competing as hard as we needed to, and when you do that, you're going to lose.
Towards the end of the year, you've got a veteran group, you've got a guy like Jake Odum, Manny Arop, Lucas Eitel; you've got four seniors like that that are unselfish and work and compete and want to keep playing and tell you the truth, they feel they are as good as anyone.
We beat a good team tonight and we know we are going to face a really good one tomorrow and hopefully if we play like that, if we compete like that, we'll have a chance tomorrow.

Q.テつ You make a habit out of beingon the floor 45 minutes before a game?
COACH GREG LANSING:テつ No comment.テつ No comment.
Yeah, that's true.テつ Now we can probably do it.テつ I was lived before the game because the miscommunication, and we thought we couldn't get on there until 30 minutes before, the floor, and as we walked in there, I was so mad and Lou said, "Don't let the team see you mad."
So I walked out of there a little bit and just told them to get ready.テつ Yeah we'd like to have been‑‑ Odom, because I know how Odom is, he's got to have his routine before a game and he looked at me when we walked in, like they are out there shooting and I can't be out there shooting?
Thank God we won, let's just put it that way.

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