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March 7, 2014

Hunter Mahan


Q.  Hunter Mahan, 3‑under 69 in the first round, is that a pretty good round?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, it's solid.  I think anything in the red today is pretty good.  Obviously the wind is up, new course, tough conditions.  So anything in the red I think this week is going to be nice.

Q.  Talk about your restart on the short 15th hole.
HUNTER MAHAN:  Kind of happy to start there, short par 3.  Kind of went‑‑ leaning right‑to‑left, hit a good shot in there and hit a good putt, just hit it a little too hard but not a bad place to start on this golf course.

Q.  What do you think of the re‑design?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I like it a lot.  I think Gil did a great job.  I think‑‑ he changed over hole, which I thought was amazing in the kind of time he had, to change all the greens.  But it's longer, it's tough, but it's still fair.  It's an unbelievable shape for having such a short amount of time to do what they did.  So hats off to the grounds crew and everybody here.  It's a phenomenal course.

Q.  Wind is blowing pretty good right now.  Were the conditions tougher this morning or yesterday?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I mean, very similar.  A little different direction today.  But very similar conditions.  I think this wind kind of helps maybe some of the hard holes, kind of like 9 and 18.  Those are holes yesterday that were playing really tough.  It helps those holes but I'm not really sure about the other ones so far.

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