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March 7, 2014

Deja Mann

Kelsey Moos

Charli Turner Thorne


USC – 59
ASU – 57

THE MODERATOR:  Welcome to the Arizona State Sun Devils, Coach Charli Turner Thorne, Deja Mann and Kelsey Moos.  Coach, I'll have you open with remarks and then we'll take questions.
COACH TURNER THORNE:  Yeah, I mean, heartbreaking game for us.  Give SC credit.  They hit two contested threes down the stretch, which was pretty clutch shooting for them, and we had a couple of threes go in and out.
So we didn't want to be in that situation.  We wanted to play better basketball.  We needed to take better care of the ball.  We needed to do a lot of things better.  But definitely, it's March.  I thought both teams really battled.  It was a great game.  Hopefully our resume speaks for itself in terms of postseason play, and we can have a little time now to get healthy, which will really help us.

Q.  You said on the call this week that you wanted to get back to doing the things that you had been doing.  To what degree did you guys do that?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  Well, I still didn't think we were as poised as we should have been.  I thought some players did a great job staying with things and stuff.  Actually, a number of them.  We haven't played a possession or zone all conference, and we brought that out because we just gave up so many points in the paint last time we played this team, and I thought it was working really well.  Just we didn't create as much offense off our defense, which we rely on to score our transition game.
So we got back to some things, I would say, but not completely.  Not where we need to be in March.  You can get away with some of the stuff in January and February, but March you have to be a little more consistent in everything that you do.
The turnovers really hurt us today, for sure, and making your free throws, just little things that added up for us that we've done through most of the season.

Q.  Charli, you mentioned, do you worry about your NCAA resume at this point, or do you feel it's strong enough you should be in no matter what?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  It's out of my hands, but I think it's strong enough.  Every time somebody beats us they seem to think it's going to help them get in.  So I think we've had a tremendous season.  We've beaten a lot of top teams or a number of top teams.  We've had a very tough back‑end schedule.  Five out of seven on the road, and we're dealing with some unhealthy players.
But all in all, yeah, I do think we're an NCAA Tournament.  We've earned it.  They tell you to go out and play teams in the preseason, and you've got to win, and we did.  And we beat almost every team in our conference minus Stanford.  So I think we did a lot of things.  I think everybody sees through the back end of the conference, and the conference tournament, and probably preaching to the choir here, but the Pac‑12 is a good conference.  Everything that you see happening all over the country, everybody is beating everybody.  That's BCS basketball.
I think the committee gets that, and it really goes back to your full body of work.  And I think ours is very strong.  I do think that we should be in the tournament.  I'm probably not totally objective, but I've been doing this for 27 years and I've had teams with lesser resumes get in, so I think overall we have done enough.

Q.  Deja, will you talk a little about momentum and whether or not you feel like you guys have some given what's happened over the last couple of weeks?
DEJA MANN:  Momentum, if you just look at the record, we don't really have it.  That's something that we have to go back and practice, get confident, get back to work and build up on our own.

Q.  Kelsey, what was your mindset there in the second half?  You seemed to be a key in the comeback.  What were you trying to do to get your team back in the game?
KELSEY MOOS:  I think in the second half we just needed to come out really strong and have a really solid second half.  We had let‑ups in the first half.  The score was tied at halftime, so we had to come out, and we just had to take the game.  Like it came down in the end they hit a couple good shots.  We just needed to get shots and hit shots ourselves.

Q.  Coach, you went to the full‑court press at the end during a timeout.  Did you think about going to that any sooner?  It seemed to cause a couple turnovers.  Did you think about going to it earlier?
COACH TURNER THORNE:  We stayed with it from 8 minutes on.  When we went man and had an opportunity to press, we pressed.  So we didn't stay in it as well as we'd like, but it's kind of what we were denying and then just picking up.  That's kind of what we were prepared to do.  Yeah, we just needed to be a little more‑‑ make a few more plays down the stretch.

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