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March 6, 2014

Andrew Calder

Diamond DeShields


North Carolina テや 69
Wake Forest ‑ 65

ASSOCIATE COACH ANDREW CALDER:テつ Thank you.テつ Again, I want to thank Coach Hatchell, as I always do, for her help.テつ The ACC tournament is always so special.テつ Like I've said before, Greensboro Coliseum, city of Greensboro and the ACC does a tremendous job with this tournament.
To Wake Forest, they're well, well coached.テつ They have two outstanding players.テつ The one thing I like about what they do, they don't run an offense, they attack you when you make a mistake.テつ They did a really good job with that.
However, in the second half our team picked up the intensity defensively.テつ And we mixed up a couple of traps in there with our man‑to‑man defense.テつ I thought the defense that Brittany did on Douglas in the second half, Brittany Rountree was outstanding.テつ And also Diamond DeShields, basically whoever she guarded in the second half.テつ Xylina McDaniel on Hamby some in the second half too, I thought she did a good job of denying her the basketball.

Q.テつ You scored the first 14 points at second half.テつ What was so special at halftime that you changed things around?
ASSOCIATE COACH ANDREW CALDER:テつ Well, we're champions and I think the players, they closed the door before I could get in there to them and kind of took care of business themselves.テつ I may have raised my voice just once, maybe, at them.テつ But they responded.テつ And they're champions and they worked extremely hard and we're very proud of them.
When the lights went out, I said Super Bowl, didn't the 49ers come back, but they didn't win, did they.テつ We said it's just like the Super Bowl, we said that to the TV people, but I don't know if they said that on TV or not.

Q.テつ Diamond, you grind out a win, without many people having a shooting night, what did you have to do well to make up for that?
DIAMOND DeSHIELDS:テつ We just had to take care of the basketball the second half.テつ The first half we were being careless. テつWe need to trust each other to make big shots and just find the open gap in their defense.テつ We did a good job of slashing, Coach made an adjustment and I was put in high post.テつ I didn't do as well as I wanted to, but I think that frustrated their defense a little bit, because they were focused on me.
And Brittany was on the perimeter shooting the big 3.テつ We had to be able to make adjustments on the fly.テつ We didn't want to lose.テつ We didn't want to go home.テつ And I think that was just the main focus.

Q. テつDiamond, were you looking for shots the last few minutes, because you seemed to be a little more aggressive down the stretch?
DIAMOND DeSHIELDS:テつ Yes, I definitely was looking for shots.テつ I like the big moment.テつ And I've said this before, I want to take the big shot.テつ I got confidence in myself and I believe my teammates have confidence in me to take that shot and make that shot.テつ That was the shot that we needed.テつ I had to knock it down.テつ I had to.

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