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March 6, 2014

Hunter Mahan


Q.  Hunter, solid start, just some comments on your play today?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, played solid.  Hit a lot of good quality shots.  Obviously it's pretty tough conditions with the weather, the wind blowing so hard.  And it being kind of a new golf course, we are all learning where to hit it and learning the best place to play it from from most of the fairways.

Q.  How different was it from the first few days?
HUNTER MAHAN:  The first few days it wasn't blowing that hard.  We had a decent direction we could play off of and today it was blowing so much harder.  I was looking at my book all day off the tee to figure out where I could hit it, where the run‑offs were going to be and figure out what clubs I was going to hit.  It definitely made it challenging.

Q.  What grade would you give the changes?
HUNTER MAHAN:  I think it's a solid A minus.  There's a couple little things they have to change, have to change the green on 3 probably but those are just kind of‑‑ you see it and then it's kind of too late probably to make a change for the tournament.

Q.  Was it noticeably harder?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yes, 100 percent.  Longer, plus I thought 9 got really tough.  I think the par3s maybe got a little tougher, and some of those holes just got a little bit longer and you're not having wedges or 9‑irons in; you're having mid‑irons to even long irons.

Q.  Placement I understand is much more crucial from point to point here the way the angles are?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, they really put the water into play on almost every hole so they kind of moved holes over closer to it, so angles‑‑ your angles into a lot of holes is pretty important, and it's tough, some of the fairways kind of run away from the angle that you want and some kind of roll into.
Like I said, we are looking at it, it broke a lot ‑‑ to figure out where we want to end up on our drives and the best place to attack some of these pins, and these pins being so long and big, you've got to figure out where the pin is really before you hit your tee shot.

Q.  Talk about the difficulty of starting and stopping?
HUNTER MAHAN:  Yeah, this is strange, because we all thought‑‑ when we were going in, we were done for the day because of the size of the storm and where it was coming from.  We thought it was just going to be just awful for the next couple hours.  We were all pretty surprised when they said, 4:45 in position, because a lot of guys were probably in the rooms chilling out.  I know my caddie was in his room playing the guitar and getting ready to order room service.  That caught us by surprise but that's a part of the PGA TOUR.

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