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March 6, 2014

Russell Henley


Q.テつ Can you talk about the conditions today?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Yeah, very, very windy today, and feel like I hit my driver really well, which set me up‑‑ this is a tough driving course and I feel like that was the biggest key for me today.テつ It was really windy my first 11 holes and hung in there really well to be under par.

Q.テつ When it was so windy, how different was it from the practice rounds to today?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ It was just a bit stronger.テつ The direction was different from Tuesday, pretty similar to yesterday I think.テつ But it was just strong and the pin locations were a lot tougher.テつ It's always tougher when you've got to play the tournament.

Q.テつ What were the conditions like after the delay?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ Pretty much the same.テつ Didn't absorb too much water.テつ I don't think it rained that much but still playing very tough, greens are perfect, course is perfect, and can't really make any excuse going around this place.テつ It's nice.

Q.テつ How difficult is it to sit around for 2 1/2 hours and try to pick right back up?
RUSSELL HENLEY:テつ It's really difficult for me.テつ I'm not a very patient person and I like to do things fast.テつ It was pretty difficult for me, and I think that's always been something I've struggled with, but I did okay with it today.

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