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March 5, 2014

Brianna Kiesel

Asia Logan

Suzie McConnell-Serio


Wake Forest – 72
Pittsburgh ‑ 58

COACH SUZIE McCONNELL‑SERIO:  You know, it's always tough to end your season the way we did today.  Everyone, except for one team ends their season on a loss.
But to come out and play the way we did was a little disappointing.  We didn't make enough plays offensively.  We had good looks throughout the game.  I think fatigue became a factor.  Wake Forest has Hamby, who we expected so much energy defending her and Chelsea Douglas hit shots and other players made plays.  You have to respect everybody throughout the course of the game.
They made plays and they picked us apart.  We tried different defenses; man, zone, press, match‑ups.  At times we got stops.  But credit Wake Forest, they had a great game.
It's always disappointing for the seniors to end their season.  And despite this being a tough year, with the number of wins and losses, I'm very proud of this team and the effort that they continue to show and the growth and the progress that we have shown over the course of this season.  And feel that our future is bright at Pitt and proud of what Asia Logan and Brianna Kiesel, these two players have done, being our leaders score‑wise and on the floor, what they have done for our team, and how far we have come over the course of the season.  I know it doesn't show in wins and losses, but we have come a long way.

Q.  Suzie, did it feel like in the first half once you guys tied it up and got your bearings a little bit when Chelsea Douglas hits those two 3s, did that change the momentum a little bit, and how did you respond to that?
COACH SUZIE McCONNELL‑SERIO:  We had it tied at 24 and thought we were doing what we needed to do defensively.  And Marquel Davis and Chelsea had gotten in trouble.  And we were rotating people in and out.  And had miscommunications, and that's what Hamby does, when you're focusing on where she is, other players end up open.  We had some miscommunications and they had two big threes.  They went on a 10‑0 run, and we cut it to six, and then had a possession at the end of the half.  I would like for us to have pulled it out and gone for one shot and maybe gotten a better look.
We competed in the first half.  And the first half I felt we got good looks.  We missed some layups, missed some open shots.  And then in the second half almost midway through the second half we started to self‑destruct.  Some decision making was suspect.  But that's going to happen.  When you miss shots, you can't make mistakes at the other end, and they just continued to build on the lead.

Q.  You mentioned that second half.  What sort of happened there?  Did the ball just start rolling for Wake Forest in the second half?
COACH SUZIE McCONNELL‑SERIO:  When we came out I thought we got a couple of stops, mixing up our defenses, then we got down.  They started to extend the lead, and we went man and had breakdowns defensively.  And we tried to double team Hamby, at 6‑3, we're undersized.  She's able to throw out of it.  They're getting layups.  And I think we just got frustrated on the floor.  And just our mistakes just started to build one after another, and they were able to stretch a run.
Our players never quit.  We continued to tack and play hard and fight to the very end.

Q.  Hamby wasn't on the board for All ACC before the season started.  What makes her so tough to play?
COACH SUZIE McCONNELL‑SERIO:  I think her versatility.  She's dangerous in the high post area, you can't leave her open for shots.  She has range to three.  You have to respect it.  I don't think it's her bread and butter, but obviously you have to respect it at three.  You throw a double team at her, she finds people.  One‑on‑one I think she's very good.  She's back to the basket.  She can face up, put the ball on the floor.  She's long, athletic.  She runs the floor very, very well.  You always have to be aware of her.
And she has teammates like Douglas and their shooter, Calicott, that extends defenses that it opens up things for her.  And then she has a post presence inside that takes the pressure off of her being the only post player on the floor, where Asia is playing with four guards all the time makes it more difficult.

Q.  Asia, I know coming off a loss, but can you reflect at all on four years at Pitt and what your career has been like?
ASIA LOGAN:  At first I had an up and down, but with my team and my coaching staff, they really helped me pull through, especially this last game.  And it's been a long ride.  I wouldn't trade it in for anything.

Q.  Brianna, coming back next year, what progress has this team made in Suzie's first year and what do you need to do to keep that going next year?
BRIANNA KIESEL:  She's a great coach.  We had three conference wins, and the last two I played in we had none.  That's a step in the right direction.  We are undersized but did the best we could.  I think coming in next year, you can take the positives and bring them to next year.

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